Psychological Warfare

Well, as soon as I started my healthy eating I stopped again… and then started and then stopped. I played the whole “I kind of screwed up today so I’ll start tomorrow” thing. I did this for about 8 days in a row. I kept beating myself up for it because I knew it was stupid and I was just wasting time. It was similar to pushing the snooze button in the morning. I just wanted five more minutes of lying under my warm covers pretending like there wasn’t anything that needed to be tackled for the day. Let’s face it. Losing weight is hard. And when you have a long road ahead of you sometimes you just wish that you can bury your head in the sand and pretend like your muffin top simply doesn’t exist.

The hardest part about losing weight is wrapping your head around it and not over thinking it. So that’s what I’ve stopped doing. At one point I just hit the restart button and simply stopped thinking about it for just a bit and just simply listened to my body. What did I crave? I craved grilled chicken salad with sliced avocados, roasted butternut squash and apples. Basically once I stopped obsessing over this whole weight loss thing I actually started eating healthier.  The crazy thing was that ten days after I started I found myself two pounds lighter… not too shabby considering I had 8 “free days” in the process. I feel good about what I’m eating, I don’t feel deprived but I feel like what I’m fueling my body with isn’t as toxic as the crap I was eating. So far I feel like I’ve won that battle. Next on the agenda? Getting back to the gym.

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