The First Weigh-in After Christmas

Weighing yourself the day after Christmas is the worst idea EVER… unless you are looking for a good kick in the pants. Then, it might just be the most insightful thing you’ve done all year.

I woke up the day after Christmas and faced the same ol’ dilemma. Should I drink the sugary creamy coffee I was craving and indulge in those Christmas cookies for one more day? OR should I drink hot tea and actually get down to the nitty gritty with this whole weight loss business? I decided to let the scale decide. I started out at 216 and stayed that way during the in-between holiday time. However, after a week of eating crap I knew that I was sure to have gained some weight. I told myself that if I weighed more than 220 then I seriously needed to get my butt in gear and if I weighed less then I could afford to indulge one more day. So, I stripped down naked (those yoga pants can weigh a girl down) and stepped on the scale. It said…”Lo”.

See? I told myself. The universe doesn’t even want you to worry about your weight just yet. That must have been the devil on one shoulder because my more responsible side took the battery out of the scale and popped it back in. It was good to go, I stepped on the scale again and it said…”224.6″ WHAT?! If I chose to delve myself further into denial I would say that the scale was somehow wrong but I know that it isn’t. I can feel the fat accumulating on my body and if I don’t change things quick I’m going to end up looking like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, only less hairy.

As if the shame of the scale wasn’t enough I decided now was the time to take “before” pictures because there is no way in hell I’m getting any bigger. I want to remember this moment so I can see just how far I’ve come. Behold! The pictures that made me cry for the remainder of the day…




Notice the look on my face. It says, “Hurry up and take the damn picture so that I can go hide in my hoodie again.”

After I took these pictures I asked myself. What are the goals? What’s the plan? How are you going to do this?

First, I had to get rid of all of the sugar in my house. I’m like a crack head, I just can’t have it here.


Then, I had to visualize where I wanted to be. I want to lose about eight to ten pounds a month until I reach 150 lbs. By the time summer is here I want to be comfortable in my skin again. I’m a summer girl and live in a bathing suit whether or not it’s for the greater good. It would be nice to spare some people from this monstrosity because the whole bathing suit thing is going to happen regardless.

Obviously I need to clean up my diet. I have a friend who owns The Performance Labs she has given me the meal plan that I need to be successful. It mainly consists of eating clean and carb cycling. The sad thing is that she gave it to me last summer and I never did it. I kept pushing it to another day. Day dreaming about getting this stuff done is great. It makes you feel better about looking the way that you do. But day dreaming isn’t going to get me out of this body.

I aim to hit the gym… hard. I love working out. Weird, because I don’t look like it. I plan on doing lots of cardio at the gym including boot camp and spin classes. I need to develop a weight lifting plan, but in the meantime I plan on doing crossfit strength workouts about two times a week. I also plan on running outside when ever the weather permits it and yoga for a personal special treat.

I’ll log in my weight every Friday and I plan on posting pictures once a month. I will also post workouts and random recipes that I find particularly delightful. I think I’ve talked about this long enough now it’s time to follow through. Wish me luck!

20 thoughts on “The First Weigh-in After Christmas

    • It’s kind of confusing. Basically you change up the amount of carbs you eat daily. For instance, one day you will eat high carb, the next day you eat low carb, and then another day you eat no carb. You also have to base it on your activity level. I rely on Kelly at to tell me what to do. She makes individual meal plans based on personal needs. This woman is amazing she has a six pack and she’s had three kids!

  1. Love this, Nina. Pretty inspiring.
    I’ve added you to my newsfeed because I think you’re kind of hilarious.
    And ps, you had a baby but your arse still looks good :).

  2. Hmmm. I’m considerably older than you and didn’t just have a baby so our stories are different but oh so much the same! I too need to get my lazy butt off the couch, eat healthier, and lose some of this “baby” fat. I didn’t go through PPD like you, but I went through my own after losing my job. Nina, I love you and I wish you the best of luck and maybe now is the time for me to join you (long distance!)

    • I think that would be great Robbie! You can do weigh-ins with me on Fridays and post how much you’ve lost. You, however, don’t have to actually let anyone know how much you weigh or post humiliating pictures. It’s a win-win!

  3. 224.6! Oh Nina, I just want to cry for you. Hormones are so cruel, it’s twice as easy to gain the weight and four times harder to lose it when your hormones are out of wack. Please will you meet with a hormone doctor and see if they can help (read: prescribe) something to even the playing field?

    • That’s what I said Cate! But I want to give it a month of full on effort before I see a doctor. Because let’s be honest here, hormones aren’t the only culprit.

  4. Were you able to successfully remove the sugar from your house? I have 78 more pounds to lose and my husband is a chip and soda junkie. I don’t indulge but oh man it’s tempting. Especially when he goes to work!

    • Yeah I got most of it out. I found a few things that I’ve missed. But so far it hasn’t been a problem. I totally understand what you mean about feeling more tempted when your husband is gone. Since mine is a firefighter we’ll go days without seeing him and that is usually when I hit up the fast food or go out to eat. Stay Strong! Maybe we should make a junk food 12 step program 🙂

      • lol, We should! He works 12-16 hours and if I don’t stay up until 4am when he gets home, we would never see him. I also hate cooking when I am alone, I think it’s just me, I’m weird lol. I love your blog by the way! (:

  5. I still have t stepped in the scale!!! I am afraid! My husband deployed 3 1/2 weeks ago and I made a decision to lose 3 lbs a month over a six month period totalling 18 ponds. very doable. Believe me I need to lose lots more but I was trying to keep it real and manageable. However!!! Last time I did weigh I had gained 4!!!!! 4 ponds in less than a month! I am in trouble. My hubby loves me any size but since he is deployed he is goi to come back even more a hottie than he already was and I feel he deserves the best me he can come home to. I do not know how to work out. Never really have other than walking. I did he couch to 5k a few months ago and did better than I expected but when we PCSed (moved) I fell off the wagon and have gained back every single pound!!! I am joining you on this journey and hope to high heaven I can feel good about myself when the day comes to pick my husband up at the airport!

    • Ody, I’m so excited that you’ve decided to join me! I’m planning on having weekly weigh-in’s on Friday and I’m inviting all of my friends to post their progress in the comments section with me. When does your husband come back? I’m sure we can get you all sexified in time for his return 🙂

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