Week 1 Weigh-in

I woke up early today. I was so excited to hurry up and pee and strip down naked so that I could hop on the scale for my first week’s weigh-in! Peeing is a crucial part, so is weighing in naked. Imagine trying to pull that off at a Weight Watcher’s meeting!

I moved the bathroom mat and made sure the scale was on even ground and took the plunge… I weighed 214.8. What?!

That’s approximately 10 pounds in one week!

I stepped off, and stepped back on… same thing. I was so excited I quickly ran down stairs (seriously hoping my windows were closed) and grabbed my camera to take a picture because nobody would believe it. When I got back on the scale with my camera it said 215.2. I quickly put it back down and decided that you’re just going to have to take my word for it because there is no going back. I don’t want the numbers on my scale to go back up to that number again… not ever.

I will post another round of before and after pictures on January 26th and we’ll see how much I’ve changed since that awful day after Christmas.

How did your weigh-in go?

Post how much you’ve gained or lost in the comments section of this post to let us know how you’re doing. Weigh-ins are on Fridays and you are invited to join us each week. If you want to tell us how much you weigh, great! If you would rather keep that as your little secret then that’s great too.

I’ll make a deal with you, once you’ve reached your goal let me know. I will do a feature on you and your weight loss success story.

I can’t wait to hear from you all… Good Luck!

21 thoughts on “Week 1 Weigh-in

  1. Officially started weigh ins with you as of today! 194.1 This better keep me accountable! I hope this coming week is as productive as yours was for you! I just keep telling myself…good choices, good choices, good choices!!!

    • Goal #1 is my pre pregnancy weight 184. Goal #2 is 160. I had originally set out on getting to 160 along with my husband (ok, his was not wanting 160, he wanted to be ripped!). We were set to start P90X the day after Christmas in 2010, but that is also the day I found out I was pregnant! While very excited about this news, I was also terrified to go into pregnancy at my highest weight ever! And on top of that, throughout my pregnancy my husband got ripped AND completed a triathlon & a half Ironman. It was wonderful seeing him flourish as I became an even bigger blob! Needless to say it has been a rough road. I am hoping to finally accomplish this goal in the near future. In am very excited to be doing weekly weigh ins…i hope it helps!

  2. I just went in for my official weigh in at the fire department’s biggest loser competition. I weighed in at a whopping 186. 😦 planning on losing those 36 pounds by summer!

  3. I weighed myself and what I discovered is that I should either get my eyes checked or change my scale because I have no idea what it said. Still, I made a plan to get two 3.5 mile runs in twice a week at…gulp….5:15am. So yes, you’ve inspired me. We’re in this together!

  4. I’m preggo so I can’t participate yet, but wanted to congratulate you on your big drop! How exciting! Keep up the good work and good choices!!

  5. I actually didn’t way myself till this Monday but today I weighed myself so I could keep up with you and guess what!!!!??? 5 lbs lost. Yay

  6. Ok, I’m going to do the weigh-in, but I’m going to do mine differently. I’m going to track inches and sizes. I normally don’t loose tons of pounds, but I loose inches. So, let’s go with that. I’ll update tonight my starting point!

  7. Woohoo congrats!! Ill be weighing in tomorrow… I’m currently battling my own weight struggle right now.. i would love to be down 20 pounds by my wedding in June

  8. OK, I’m in. Started WW the week before Christmas and was down two pounds until this week – Fell off the wagon, but now I am back on. I’ve got a good 60 lbs to lose.

  9. Ok, starting point right now is:
    Weight: 186
    Waist: 36″
    Hips: 45″
    Bust: 40″
    Bicep: 13 1/2″
    Thigh: 26″
    Pants size: 13-14
    I would like to loose at least 2 sizes if I can. Here we go!

  10. I wanna join!! I have no idea on measurements, but my current weight today is 215.4. I’ve lost 24.6 pounds so far. My goal weight is 140. (:

  11. OK! I’m starting today!
    Weight: 130 (I know what y’all are thinking: Skinny bitch!) But for me, that’s heavy. I’m only 5’3″. I was 116 three years ago.
    Chest: 34″
    Waist (one finger width above belly button) : 34″
    Hips 37″
    Thigh: 22
    Bicep: 9 1/2 (I have the saddest bicep measurement ever…)

  12. I look pretty good for just having a baby (I don’t think I can technically say this anymore- he’s almost 10 months old), but I don’t feel good. My back has started to hurt, I think from carrying around my son, because he’s a healthy (aka big) guy. So my goal is to get fit and if I lose a few pounds along the way great!
    In my first week of getting fit I’ve lost 2.6lbs (the weight I put on between Thanksgiving and the New Year) and worked out as much as possible (harder than I thought between being SORE, working and taking care of baby).

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