Victoria’s Secret Hair

Do you ever have those magical days when you wake up and feel like one of those princesses that sings to birds… Yeah, I don’t usually either. But today was different.

I got a full 11 hours of sleep and I must have been so exhausted from the teething shenanigans of the week before, that I hardly moved an inch. When I got out of bed I stumbled into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and saw… Victoria’s Secret Hair.


I wiped the mascara out from under my eyes and straightened up a little and thought. “Huh… not too bad. If only I had the body to go with it.”

Then I looked down at my legs where the muscles are trying to make a come back and thought.

“Nah… I’ll stick with the gams that I’ve got.”

If you think about it there really isn’t much to be envious of… Okay, so what if they don’t have belly rolls, cellulite and stretch marks? I’m satisfied knowing that with one swift kick from my good leg I could easily shatter two of those twiggy legs. (We’ll thank Muay Thai for that.)

As I brushed my teeth I decided that I’d take my strength over a wobbly boobie ridden body any day.

With that said, I have a book recommendation for you. It is called Divergent and it’s written by Veronica Roth. It’s kind of similar to The Hunger Games but I think it’s actually better. The girl in this book isn’t perfect but she finds herself through her strength and you kind of learn to love her for it. I stumbled upon it at the library and found out that a movie is going to be made of it in 2014. It’s definitely a must read.

Oh, and since this post looks like it’s about a lady named Victoria who needs to take care of that “secret hair” of her’s here is an informative link on how to shave less… you’re welcome.

3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Hair

  1. So, how long after exfoliating are you supposed to shave? Immediately or do you have to do it a couple times first? Probably an amateur question, but I am an amateur at things like this….

  2. “Divergent” is on my want to read list, but not that I have confirmation that it’s a solid read, it’s next up for me.

    As for VS ladies, yeah I mean do they even know what a goblet squat or a salmon ladder is? I do recall strong is the new skinny 😉

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