Well Hello There, Lady Killer

Today Bridget and I woke up super early so that we could put a mini birthday cake on our friend’s door step, ring the doorbell and then run like hell… Happy Birthday Amanda!

Because of our early morning shenanigans I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it in time for spin class. After I dropped Bridget off at school and headed home to change I looked back to see that Penelope had fallen asleep in the car. So I thought for sure that I was going to have to go to yoga instead after she woke up. Well, the nap didn’t last so I hauled ass to get to the gym on time.

In my haste, I forgot my padded gel seat. When I first sat down on that tiny hard seat the first thought that came to mind was… “No wonder Lance lost a testicle.”

lady killer

As I started to peddle I was pretty sure my vagina would never forgive me…

Oh, are we not saying vagina here? You’re right, that’s weird. We’ll call her “Lady”… it’s better than “Tramp” right?

The point is, even though I forgot my gel seat the class wasn’t that bad. I found out that if you increase the resistance there is less bouncing which “Lady” appreciates. My quads however, weren’t too impressed.

As I gingerly got out of the saddle I expected my body to scream at me for the abuse I put it through. But I felt fine, not even a wobble as I made my way to the daycare to pick Penelope up. I thought for sure there would be some repercussions but there weren’t any.

Then I started to worry… Is my vagina getting tough? (Sorry… “Lady”)

I’m sorry I just have to stop right here. I had no idea this post would get so awkward. Before I went to spin class I had planned on sharing Brent’s “Street Taco” recipe. But now that just seems entirely inappropriate after spending so much time talking about “Lady”. Especially after you add the word “street” to the title… that just makes my dinner sound slutty. Let’s just forget what you’ve just read and carry on.

Street Tacos

Brent’s Street Tacos are the most magical tacos you will ever eat. When I was pregnant I wouldn’t eat meat. I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything other than crackers. Brent was really worried and made me these tacos in an attempt at getting some iron in my system… It worked.

These tacos are all over the map. They’re tangy, chewy and creamy all at once. Give these a try and you will be in taco heaven.


Now just as a warning there aren’t any real measurements because he just made it up as he went. You kind of have to go by taste.


1 lb lean ground beef

chili powder

fresh salsa (from the produce section)

Frank’s Red Hot sauce





corn tortillas


Brown the meat and season with chili powder until browned. (There is no need for added salt because Frank’s is salty enough.)Drain the meat and return to heat. Add about a half of a cup of salsa give or take depending on taste. Then add lots of Frank’s Red Hot. Just a few dashes won’t do it. It adds a zing to the meat that at first might seem a bit overwhelming, but when you add the toppings the flavors are perfectly balanced.

In another skillet toast the corn tortillas until chewy but not crunchy. Top the tortillas with meat, cheese, cilantro, avocado and then give a generous squeeze of lime on top.

You will never go back to the taco packets in the seasoning isle again!


10 thoughts on “Well Hello There, Lady Killer

  1. LOVE this post! And my “LADY” can totally relate! Why hasn’t someone invented a half lazy boy half spin bike yet?

    Sounds like you have had a very productive morning so far 🙂

  2. I used to take a class at the Y in Wichita Falls called 30-20-10. 30 minutes of spin, 20 minutes arms, and 10 minutes abs/core. I loved it because 30 minutes of spin is all my “lady” has to give, gel seat or not. Keep it up lady!!

  3. “They’re tangy, chewy and creamy all at once..” You are right..after discussing the “Lady” that wasn’t awkward at all. 😉

    My grandma called her “Lady” her “Pocketbook” which is also what she called her purse. Yeahhhh…we were often confused. And scared.

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