Week 4 Weigh-in and Month 1 Progress Pics

Ugh… there’s nothing quite like putting on tiny shorts and a too tight tank top first thing in the morning and taking pictures for all to see.

This fun little tradition started the day after Christmas to record just how out of control my weight had gotten. At the time nobody was reading my blog so I posted them on my “secret” weight loss blog to remind myself of where I’ve been. (Two people knew about it.) Now a month later I’ve got actual readers and I’ve opened myself to the scrutiny of others. Over the course of a few weeks I feel like a completely different person.

In a month I have lost a total of 14.6 pounds.

When I stepped on the scale today I weighed in a 210 lbs. Shortly after, I took these pictures…




I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but my butt doesn’t grow. Everything else around it does so it gives the illusion that I’m squeezing my butt cheeks together… it’s hot.

I also took my measurements this morning and I am happy to report that I have lost a total of 7 inches. They will be posted in the measurement portion of this blog.

I have to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed in my weight loss the past couple of weeks. I know that I’ve made progress and that I should be happy with what I have done but I have a feeling something isn’t right. The amount of exercise that I put in coupled with the way I’ve been eating doesn’t really match up with the weight loss. I would expect this to happen much further down the line but since I’ve just begun to lose weight I don’t see any logical reason for it.

This article on weight loss plateaus goes over many reasons for what may be causing this. I don’t know if I’m eating too many calories or not enough so I’m going to take a week to eat the amount of calories it should take to sustain my weight. I’m going to stick with clean food and working out but I want to see where my body is and what its up to. We’ll see what my weight does after this week and we’ll reevaluate the next course of action.

This will be a good practice at maintaining, which is the hardest part.

I’ve only been on track for a month but I feel like I’ve made so much progress from the inside out. I’m not meant to be in this body, it isn’t me. I look forward to finding myself again…


So, here we go. Round 2.

18 thoughts on “Week 4 Weigh-in and Month 1 Progress Pics

  1. I think you’re doing a sterling job. 14 pounds! Are you kidding me? That’s a lot of weight to lose using a healthy diet. GO AND SEE AN ENDOCRONOLIGIST! I’m going to keep saying that till you block me from this site. I’ll even come with you and take care of Penelope for you while you have your appointment.

    • That is awesome woman!!!!! I lost a total of 13 this month. I am so proud of you lady!!! I feel the same as you and feel like I should have lost more but everyone keeps saying that is a lot still in a month….so here is me telling you! It is wonderful and amazing!!!!!!! I feel like more of the weight I lost was in my boobs more than anything. Wish it was my ass in stead!!!! 🙂 Granted I am more than fine to get rid of these babies…. Keep it up woman. Seriously you are doing amazing and you are keeping me motivated throughout the month. We are in this together.

  2. Only 11 pounds from the 100s! SO CLOSE! And can we talk about your hair? Mine looks like a rat’s nest when I wake up. Why is yours all curled and perfect and shiny?!

  3. I can see the difference Nina! Just stick with it, find what works for you and you’re on you’re way. Remember too that your a solo parent a lot of the time because of your hubby’s job (no offense hubby), not to mention being a student (and all the other amazing things I know you do…). With all those things factored in, 14 lbs in a month is AMAZING!!! Look at some those people on the Biggest Loser who are at the ranch for 4 weeks and only lose 14 pounds….and losing weight is their full time job! Ok…off my soap box! The bottom line is that you’re getting there and you’re doing it all on your own! Super proud sister!!

    • Well it helps when you have a friend who lives close by and takes care of your baby so that you can go to a school chior concert every now and then. Not to mention ER visits for when I get exfoliating scrub in my eye or need to puke silently in a bag 😉

  4. Hello!
    I have been reading your blog for the past couple weeks.. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across it!
    I started my weight loss journey shortly after you did, I’m halfway through week 4 right now! It’s hard to find someone so honest about the difficulties of trying to lose weight, especially after having a baby!
    I started out at 235 (yikes) and so far have lost 8 lbs. I wish it was more but I have only changed my eating habits (weight watchers) and am working on introducing exercise.
    I just want to thank you for you blog! It’s an inspiration to help keep me on track.
    Unfortunately I think that I may have an hormone problem because I have tried 3 times already to lose the weight, only to gain more. I’m sure some of that has to do with not feeling “ready.”
    In the past 4 months, I have lost my mother-in-law (who I LOVED) and was misdiagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. So I lost a baby too! Regardless of the reasoning, my main goal is to be healthier so I can try for another baby. I want my son to have a little brother or sister!
    Sorry for the rambling.. Thank you again for putting it all out there. You have no idea how helpful it is to me and I’m sure many others who never comment!

  5. Hi:) I stumbled upon your blog and I want to congratulate you on your hard work! I know it’s weird for a stranger to say this, but I feel like we have a lot in common. I also started arpund where you did and I have a young daughter. 14+ pounds a month is amazing…nothing AT ALL to feel down about. Since I stopped nursing in August I have averaged 8-10 pounds a month. Give it a few months and you will be rocking your new body;) good luck!

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