Week 5 Weigh-in

Today is weigh-in day! I only look forward to this day when I feel like I’ll have good results and today I was excited. But before I could weigh in I had to feed my kids… all three of them.


Luckily Brent was home, so as soon as everyone was settled I scurried over to the bathroom to do my weigh-in.

You know how I do. I went to the bathroom, stripped down naked and stood on the scale while the angels sang…

I weighed in at 207.2, that’s nearly three pounds less than last week!

I also have other good news. I am no longer a sugar freak crackhead… yay! I know this because last night I made my annual groundhog day cupcakes and I told myself that I could have one. By the time I was done making the cupcakes I didn’t want it.


Since I was making these cupcakes Bridget informed me that everyone in her class thinks I’m the best mom ever… that was all of the sweetness I needed.

Right now I’m feeling pretty good about this weight loss business. My trick is to pretend like I’m not trying to lose weight. I don’t deny myself anything. If I want it I eat it I just keep an eye on the portions and eat clean the rest of the time.

Brent used to tell me that I didn’t have to like everything that I ate… but I disagree. Food is one of the great joys of life. I strongly believe that if you pay attention to all of your senses you will feel good and taste is one of them. So why eat stuff if you don’t think it tastes good?

What I’ve discovered is that healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad. Sure you can be boring and make yourself eat bland chicken and steamed veggies but why would you do that if you didn’t like it?

Here’s some of the food that I have enjoyed…


eggs and toast


sweet potato hash browns with a little cinnamon


hot tea


Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken


Caprese Lasagna with Spicy Turkey Sausage


lots of fruits and veggies

Disregard the gagging face Penelope is making… she comes from a long line of gaggers.

The hardest part of weight loss for me is clearing my head enough not to over think things. If you read the beginning of my blog you know that I psyche myself out. I’m the queen of the Monday diet… “Oh I screwed up already… pass the chips. I’ll start my diet on Monday.”

I feel like I’ve found my stride. I’ve worked out almost every day this week but the difference is that I wasn’t doing it for the scale. I was doing it for my sanity. Yesterday I went for a nice long run and this allowed me to keep on grinning later that night when Penelope threw up in my hair… for the second time.

Now don’t worry, the crazy that you find so entertaining is still there and next week when the scale doesn’t say what I want it to I will get all dramatic again.

How did you do? Are you still hanging in there with me? I want you to see this blog as a safe place to share your troubles and triumphs. I’ve let it all hang out so you can too 😉

10 thoughts on “Week 5 Weigh-in

  1. Hey, I also pretend I’m not dieting. It dissarms the rebel eater in me. Good on you for those three pounds. I’m not counting this week, I’ll weigh in next week when I get back to working out. Want to join us for the lake 2 lake triathalon in Loveland in June?

      • No, you can still do it, just so long as you stay behind me. I’m looking for a bike on Craigslist. Hoping someone out there is over the whole triathalon thing and is keen to erase all memories of the day.

  2. There are so many awesome things in this post! Your Groundhog Day cupcakes are SO CUTE, sweet potato hash browns sound ridiculously amazing, and your baby eating fruit is both adorable and hilarious. I loved reading this sweet, positive post!

  3. I lost 2.8 this week! Not sure what happened last week when I lost none. Oh well. Haha.
    I just started going to the gym but my son isn’t used to childwatch yet, so I only get 15 minutes in at a time. Haha. If only the weather were good enough to exercise outside!
    Congrats on your loss! That’s amazing.
    Speaking of steamed veggies, I found the yummiest way to eat them. Throw any mix of veggies you like on some foil, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle 2 cloves on garlic on top. Then fold up the foil and put on a baking sheet. 400 for 35 minutes and they come out so yummy and garlicky!

  4. I totally agree with you: food has got to taste good when you’re losing weight. It’s impossible to stick with it otherwise! Yummy healthy food is definitely the key. Congratulations on your loss, keep it up 🙂

  5. […] I have to play mind games with myself all of the time in order to be successful with this whole weight loss business. This is hard because I always know what my next move is before I even play it. The trick that has worked for me so far is to pretend like there are no rules. If I tell myself I can have whatever I want in moderation then I could care less about sugar. This was proven on during week 5 weigh-in. […]

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