Changes… Turn and Face the Strain

I’ve got that David Bowie song stuck in my head…


So, not to be weird or anything but I’ve been spending quite a bit of time checking myself out in the mirror… naked. And I’ve got to say, it’s not bad.

When I was pregnant I did this quite a bit because I couldn’t stop staring at how huge my belly was getting. As I grew bigger and bigger I stopped looking at the place where I should have had a belly button but instead enjoyed the acrobatics show that was going on beneath. When I got home from the hospital from having Penelope I checked things out again just to see how things were coming back together. Slowly my belly button began to morph itself back into the weird wrinkly frowny face that it had become at the ripe old age of 22 after I had Bridget. Some women bounce back after childbirth… I’m not one of them.

When things stopped getting better I stopped looking. I couldn’t handle what was hanging out beneath my clothes. That is until recently… I’ve started to notice the changes. Now I’m ripping my shirt off every chance I get and flexing my muscles in the mirror. I can see the girl hidden underneath and I kind of like it.

Then I go to the gym and my husband takes this picture and I try to figure out what the hell went wrong…


I look like I’ve stuffed 20 little people under my shirt and in my pants and they’re all fighting to get out.

This is a far cry from yesterday when I laid out in this unseasonably warm weather and looked at my legs stretched in front of me and thought… “Nice, they’re coming back.”


Perception is a funny thing. I’ve often wondered which is better… Feeling like you’re a hottie even though you’re not one OR being a hottie and feeling like you’re not?

I think I’ll take the delusional option, personally.

Speaking of delusional I’ve found a yummy alternative to a chocolate milkshake. I stumbled upon this little beauty while perusing pinterest


But after looking at it I realized that there wasn’t enough protein and too much peanut butter for my taste so I changed it up.

My Pretend Milkshake

makes 1 yummy post workout shake


1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 frozen banana

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1 tbls of peanut butter

a dash of cinnamon


Just blend that sucker up and let your inner fat kid relish in it.

The cinnamon adds a little something special to it. It kind of reminded me of mexican hot chocolate. Then I thought a little dash a cayenne pepper could give it a little kick and might be yummy too. I’ll try it and tell you what I think.

What’s your favorite protein shake combo?

11 thoughts on “Changes… Turn and Face the Strain

  1. ok when I saw ur pic of back squating, my 1st and only thought was HOLY CRAP how much weight does she have on that bar?? So what were u back squating? lol See perception is diff to everyone…I think in life we are so hard on ourselves…..we need to see the good even in ourselves…..we always say to look for the good in others when sometimes we don’t even do that for ourselves..we’re even harder on ourselves…your doing an incredible job with your journey, stay strong! 🙂

  2. I also currently like unsweetened almond milk, chocolate isopure powder, 1 spoonful of natural PB. I’m adding cinnamon in the next one!
    My second favorite is vanilla isopure, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, and a little milk if needed.
    Third is vanilla isopure and Trop 50 oj, with a little frozen pineapple & strawberries.

  3. You are doing awesome lady keep it up! I love it when you send new recipes…keep sending them. I bought the stuff for your tacos….since we had fish tacos last night I have to weight a few days. I could eat Mexican food every night.

  4. Nice gams lady…seriously! And for the record…I don’t think ANYONE looks great in that position…I mean, you are basically in the “squat and poop” position. He should have waited until you came back up and curved your butt under and clenched. Boys are dumb…they don’t understand good picture angles.

  5. At this point I’d be pleased if I could lift the bar, LOL!!! You’re doing great Nina. What is it with the pics men take, and oh yea, what about the mirrors they have in gyms? I swear cameras and mirrors at the gym add 15lbs!!! My advice is to keep looking in your own mirror because it is more accurate than those at the gym, or any crazy angled pic that a man took (angelika nailed that one 🙂

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