Week 7 Weigh-In and the Sugar Break Up

Fortunately, weighing in the day after Valentine’s Day isn’t as traumatic as weighing in the day after Christmas. However, it does have its drawbacks. I woke up this morning feeling like poop.

I know you are probably thinking I might be a little hung over from a romantic night spent drinking wine and gazing into my husband’s eyes. But sadly this is not the case. Instead I think I am hung over from the “free day” grease fest that took place yesterday. Sexy huh?

Not only did we go to Cherry Cricket to eat super sloppy greasy cheese burgers.. and fries… and onion rings. But we also had pizza and hot wings for dinner. We put Penelope to bed at seven grabbed a beer and nestled onto the couch (with Bridget wedged in between us) for a Bones marathon on Netflix.

When I woke up my fingers looked like sausages and standing on the scale was the last thing that I wanted to do.

I did it anyway and the scale read 207.4.

This isn’t bad considering what went down the day before. Plus the fact that I am capable of putting on a good five pounds of water weight at any given moment.

After weighing in I went downstairs and made my usual weigh-in day sugar coffee and took a bite out of one of the left over cupcakes from Bridget’s Valentine’s Day class party. That’s when I decided that sugar and I need to break up… again.


After this one last fling.


The rest of the cupcakes went into the trash and my body proceeded to spend the rest of the day rejecting the food that it had ingested in the name of love.

Seriously, it’s amazing how your body reacts to eating crap when you’re not used to it anymore.

March is coming up and this is always the month that I start to get excited about summer’s arrival. Since Operation Lululemon was such a success I felt like another challenge was in order.

I’ve decided to give up all processed sugars for the next 2 weeks. For the past seven weeks I have drastically cut down my sugar intake but I still allow myself the occasional indulgence every now and then. I’ve decided that it’s time to tighten things up a bit.

I’m doing this challenge for two reasons:

1. I’m about to start taking Metformin again to help with my PCOS symptoms. Metformin is great, but it has a tendency to give you diarrhea if you take it and eat sugar (not awesome). It also takes a while for your body to adjust to the medication so I figured I would have a better time with this if I just cut out all processed sugars completely for a while.

2. I am hoping to kick-start my body into a more aggressive weight loss. I’m hoping to begin March in the 100’s. This is pretty ambitious and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off. I just think that breaking out of the two hundred pound mark for the first time since having Penelope will do great things for my psyche in terms of motivation.

I’m also planning on limiting my bread and grain intake. This is only temporary and is served as a means of cleansing out the crap I just got done eating and restarting the whole weight loss engine. I’ll be focusing mainly on consuming fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats and legumes. I’m also going to focus on drinking more water. I think I may be a bit on the dehydrated side.

This isn’t an easy challenge and you’re going to have to rely on my honesty about how well it’s going. You’ll be able to tell if I’m sticking to it by the tone of the next few posts. If I’m a bit grumpy, you know I’m doing it right… nobody is chipper after a break-up.

I hate you sugar, it’s over! I didn’t mean it, I love you.

Oh man… and the cycle continues.

10 thoughts on “Week 7 Weigh-In and the Sugar Break Up

  1. Um, getting the poops every time you ate sugar would be an AMAZING motivator to lay off the sweets! Not that I would wish I on myself. Well, kinda… no. Maybe… Damn it, I’m pretty sure I’m more addicted to sugar than I ever was to tobacco.

  2. I once threw out the remaining 6 Crispy Creme donuts that were in a box of 12, which I’d eaten by myself, only to get back in to the trash later, fish them out and …yes….eat them. If you didn’t fish out those cupcakes and eat them, you’re a stronger woman than I am.

  3. Weighed – in this week. Down 2lbs…I have 2.2 lbs to go for my 1st goal of 100 pounds gone! Next goal is 20 more and I will be back to what I weighed in high school and what’s printed on my driver’s license! 🙂 I like the e-card that says Weight loss goal: To weigh what I told the DMV I weighed! Congrats on the successful shopping trip! It feels so good to start feeling comfortable in your own skin again huh!?

  4. Keep up the good work! Remember it took many months to put the weight on, it takes frustratingly longer to get it off. You are doing it the right way and will be so much healthier for it.

  5. Haha! This reminds me of the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda throws the chocolate cake in the trash, and then she digs it out. She finally covers it with dish soap so she won’t eat anymore.

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