Lazy Day


The past few weeks have had me completely exhausted. I felt like I was just living one day at a time getting through school assignments and taking care of the kids while Brent worked endless amounts of overtime.

Therefore, I had declared yesterday my day off as I watched Netflix and drank wine while eating cheese and crackers during Penelope’s afternoon nap. My declaration of independence didn’t really pan out the way I planned because I still ended up doing everything I would normally do only with a little afternoon buzz.

The cheese and crackers didn’t settle very well and I ended up passing on the pizza and hot wings Brent and Bridget had ordered since I was on strike.

When I woke up this morning I looked out the window to see that dark clouds were covering up my sunrise. I immediately thought that this should be declared as a national disaster that would require everyone to stay home in their pajamas to enjoy the guilty pleasure of their choice.

As I pondered this I stumbled downstairs to get my breakfast. When I opened the refrigerator door I saw the leftover pizza staring me right in the face. My inner fat kid wanted to pick up that last piece and lick it as if to claim it as mine for lunch.  I could feel the excuses mounting as to why I should be able to have another free day even though I just had one.  I tried to ignore my subconscious as she started to whine…

“But it’s ugly outside…”

I ignored her and reached around the pizza to get the strawberries for my yogurt breakfast.

Shortly after I was dressed and ready to go to the store to buy my healthy groceries for the week. A little jaunt by the bathing suits and sunglasses had me feeling much better about my resolve to not be a big fat lazy slob. But when I got home to make my lunch that pizza started staring at me again…


I took a bite out of it and started to reheat it. As it was warming up I looked at the day old cheese and decided it wasn’t worth it.


I finished reheating the pizza and set it aside for my husband to eat for lunch while I heated up a bowl of chili made with lean meat and beans instead. I pouted a little when I saw him eating it but was okay with my decision when I topped my chili with a little fresh cheese.

It’s snowing outside as I type this and Penelope is down for her afternoon nap. A part of me wants to snuggle under the covers to read a book or take a nap too. But I think I better take advantage of the fact that my husband is here to watch her so that I can fit a workout in at the gym.

So here I go…

Off to the gym…

My vanishing muffin top will thank me later but my inner fat kid is scowling at me.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. I totally understand. These last two weeks have been super hard for me. Trying to keep my motivation. I haven’t been terrible but not great. I went ahead and signed up for a 5K run for the end of the month. Nice because I am finally back running but sad because the last run I did was a 10K. Guess I have to start somewhere. Keep it going Nina….when reading your blog it really helps me stay motivated and also lets me know I am not the only one struggling trying to stay good everyday. So here’s to getting skinny!!!

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