Spring Fever


I love this quote but does anyone else see the irony of Hellen Keller having a quote about averting your eyes?

Was that insensitive of me?

… sorry.

Yesterday was the day of no motivation but with a little dose of self-inflicted tough love I got moving and felt all the better for it.

Today seems to be the opposite. I am so excited about spring time that I’ve been encompassed in a layer of obnoxious enthusiasm for all things spring.  It is still super cold outside but the sunshine seems to make all of the difference. I always say that I’m like a flower I wilt in the winter and bloom in the summer. Sometimes I try to play it off like I’m kidding… but you seriously have no idea how true this is.


My cruiser bike is sitting neglected in the garage and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with her once there isn’t any danger of slipping on patches of ice.

I really want this baby seat. So if you see my clueless husband please inform him that mother’s day would be the perfect opportunity to buy this (wink, wink).


Although, Penelope seems to be a pro at hurling her head back in her passionate fit throwing methods. So I may end up missing a few teeth if I ever happen to piss her off during a bike ride.

With spring time on the horizon I’m overwhelmed with excitement for the prospect of growing my own vegetables. If you’ve read the little things you know that I haven’t had much luck yet. But I am determined to make it work this year.

Right now I’m faced with the dilemma of whether I should grow from seeds that I’ve started in my house or from plants that I buy and transplant.

Buying and transplanting seems easier but costlier. However, it would also be a waste of money to buy seeds only to find that I am inept as a seed starter… decisions, decisions. Feel free to put in your two cents on the matter.

During my research I found this website about growing your own organic vegetable garden.


I also researched a lot of CSA programs in my area. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture… you know, just in case my garden turns out to be a bust.

I found this program in Denver called Urbiculture Community Farms. They literally turn vacant ugly lots into beautiful vegetable gardens. People can donate their yards for the cause. They also have a program called The Healing Food Program where they donate fresh food to low-income families who may not be able to afford fresh produce and they help women and children who are refugees due to domestic violence. I teared up when I read about all that they do and I have decided that this would be a great place to volunteer with Bridget during the summer.

You can find a CSA in your area through this website, Local Harvest. It also provides tips to help you choose the right program for you and your needs.

With that I will leave you with a few of my garden Pinterest finds…

veg garden

Vegetable Gardens That Look Great

bird feeder

Homemade Bird Feeders


How to build and arrange a raised bed vegetable garden.

Monet's garden

Monet’s Garden… Can I get lost here, please?

stump table

Stump table… I have to perfect stump for this.


Turn an old bunk bed into a star gazing treehouse… minus the tree.

I’m done daydreaming now. I’m off to plot out how my garden will look when I’m done with it…

Okay fine, I’m going to continue to daydream but I’m going to do it by myself now.

What season gets you all giddy?

7 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. You could grow herbs from seed like basil and rosemary and sunflowers do well from seed by the way. I’ll have to check with Steve but I think we planted lettuce and pumpkins with seeds last year and they did really well. And then the rabbits ate them. Oh well. Good luck!

  2. I’m dying to expand my raised beds, but since we are already on stage three drought restrictions, this might not be the year…

  3. Summer is definitely my season too. I grew up in Texas and quite frankly, summer here in Colorado is usually not hot enough of for me. Of course, the exception being last year when it was 100 degrees every day and I was 8 and 9 months pregnant the entire time. That was super duper fun!

    But seriously…summer is my time to shine. I love walking barefoot on hot pavement, spending entire days at the pool, the smell of chlorine, grilling out, kool-aid, water balloon fights, running at dusk, sooooo many more things…I could go on for days. Winter (and let’s face it – half of spring in Colorado) depresses the living sh!t out of me.

  4. Awesome imagery of seasons to come! I’ve had “grow a garden” on my list of things to accomplish for the past five summers… to no avail. Thanks for the tidbits and online resources… this could be my year! PS. Penelope will be a great addition to your cruiser bike!

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