Hoeing Around…

I am obsessed with the idea of having a vegetable garden this year. It’s the only thing I can think about.

Over the past year I’ve been educating myself on healthy eating habits. Because of this I’ve become increasingly aware of the crap that goes into our food. In fact I kind of wish I could go back to being ignorant about the matter but I can’t. If I could afford to buy all organic I would. Unfortunately, this isn’t in the budget with me not working at the moment.

Therefore, I have decided that growing my own organic vegetables is the solution to my problem. However, it turns out I have an even bigger problem…

I can’t stop buying seeds.


I can’t help it, they just make me happy.

I’ve done a ton of research to ensure that I’m a successful gardener this year. The other night when I didn’t sleep… I found this awesome website called growveg.com that helped me plan my garden. You enter in the measurements of your garden and you click and drag the vegetables or flowers you want. It shows you how much room you need to grow each plant and it provides a chart for when you should plant and harvest each thing according to your zip code. It was awesome!

Needless to say I was too hysterical the next day to do anything about it because of the whole sleep deprivation thing. But the next day my enthusiasm was back in full force.

I made my sick husband go to Home Depot with me to buy the supplies for my raised garden beds. I found an inexpensive and simple plan here and I got to work.

Well… actually, it turns out that I’m not as good at using a drill as I thought I should be so I kind of finagled Brent into making it for me. I have a knack for that. It’s a talent really.





They are 8×8 feet. (I’m thinking I probably should have taken a closer picture.) The one on the far left is going to be the pumpkin patch and the one of the right is the vegetable garden. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

When we moved in there was already a vegetable garden under an apple tree.  I’ve decided to try to make it a strawberry patch.

Bridget didn’t feel like getting dirty so she took pictures instead…





After all of that hoeing around I was tired and hungry. We decided the best way to break in this great weather is to have a weenie roast. You know, since I’m so concerned with eating healthy and all.


I was a diva and insisted on having “healthy” hot dogs even though I’m pretty sure there is no such thing. Brent and Bridget would have none of that.


Then I guzzled down a nice cold beer while I had the chance because Brent and I have a new challenge in mind. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow during the weigh-in.

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