No Muffin Top… No Maternity


I noticed yesterday that someone was led to my blog by googling “Lay me down in a bed of jelly beans”.

Apparently they were sent to the right place because that just about sums up my love affair with sugar… you handsome devil you.

On Easter Day I was alone with the girls because Brent had to work at the fire station and all of our family lives far away. Normally I would choose such a holiday to have a free day but Brent’s birthday is on April Fool’s Day and we were planning on going out to celebrate on Tuesday when he got home from work. So I was trying REALLY hard to stay out of the candy in order to stay on track.

It didn’t work.

I started off great but by the end of the day I had eaten more candy than I had hoped… I have a serious addiction.

Despite that I had worked out hard every day except for Easter.

Monday morning I went into the bathroom and took a sneak peek at the scale. Despite my little sugar relapse I was still right on track. Then I looked in the mirror and saw that the lighting was perfect for highlighting the muscles that are forming in my shoulders. I flexed a few times in the mirror and winked at myself… I was feeling pretty good.

The next day I went to Tony’s Market to buy Brent’s birthday cake. I had Penelope on my hip while I was checking out and the cashier asked me if I was having a boy.


“Are you having a boy?”

“Nope,” I said nodding in Penelope’s direction. “Apparently I’m still pregnant with this one.” I gave her a big grin to let her know that it wasn’t mad at her. It was just another nudge to my ego to remind me of the task at hand.

However, it did give me an idea later on while I searched through my closet to find something to wear for our date night.

I put on my pre-pregnancy jeans and managed to button them up. Unfortunately, I looked like a can of biscuits that had just exploded.

I put on my maternity jeans to see what would happen. They were tight in all of the right places. I folded the belly pooch over like I do my yoga pants and was “this” close to actually wearing them. Then I thought better of it and put on a pair of stretchy jeggings instead…

Problem solved. No muffin top. No maternity. I was ready for a date.

Brent and I went to downtown Littleton and ate at McKinner’s Pizza, Brent’s favorite.


Then we met up with a few friends at Jake’s Brew Bar.


I’m not a big bar hopper but I think this may be my new favorite bar. I want everyone there to know my name.

The owners Amy and Vanessa were so inviting. In the middle of our little birthday party they sauntered in with an old school coloring book from the 1950’s that they had picked up from a thrift shop. It contained a really awkward narrative about a little girl and a priest… It was quite hilarious actually. Upon introductions they dished out hugs and shared their crayons while having a birthday shot with Brent.

We had a great time. So great in fact that a cab ride home was in order.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to the sound of Penelope chirping in her crib. My mouth was dry and my wedding ring was stuck on my inflated finger. The ring finally came off but not without leaving its mark on my pudgy cabbage patch hand.


We dropped Bridget off at school and went to pick up our other car and as we drove Brent talked about what he was going to have for breakfast. After a night like last night he felt that junk food was in order.

I REALLY wanted to join in on the fun but I had promised myself it would be back to business as usual.

He came home clutching greasy bag from Burger King while I cooked my signature eggs and toast. When I opened up the fridge to get the eggs the left over birthday cake beckoned me to it. I shut the door in a hurry… out of sight out of mind.

As I cooked I just kept thinking of that cake. I asked Brent if I could throw the rest of it away tomorrow and gave me permission to throw it away today. He must have seen that glazed over sugar hungry look in my eye.

It was such a pretty cake… it felt like such a shame to have to throw it away.


As I closed the lid of the trashcan my resolve was back in full force.

Then Brent walked into the room debating aloud whether he should have Freddy’s or Taco Bell for lunch.

 I think he should have a knuckle sandwich.

5 thoughts on “No Muffin Top… No Maternity

  1. Throwing away perfectly good deserts is the hardest thing for me to do. I will rationalize any way I can not to. The kids will eat it, I won’t have but a few bites. etc. Then I will proceed to eat the whole thing. So proud of you for doing it! Stay strong.

  2. ok I agree w/KJ…..if at any point u need to throw something away (cake, cupcakes) call me! lol I usually don’t keep either of those in my house because it it just Jordan and I and we only eat so much of either……but I can always take some off ur hands 🙂

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