Just Another Day With Awesome Hair

There are certain moments in a person’s life when they really want to look their best.

Like, the first time you run into an ex-boyfriend…

Or your high school reunion…

Or the first time a reader of your blog recognizes you out in public…

I was so exhausted last night that I went to bed with my hair wet. I woke up this morning to find that half of my hair was plastered to my head while the other half was kinked up into weird waves.

Last night was a rough one for the Chapman family. Penelope wanted to have a party and the rest of us wanted to sleep. Brent and I practically did paper/rock/scissors to see who would take Bridget to school. Be were both beyond tired from Penelope’s rock star ways. I got the pleasure of venturing out wearing my glasses and my funky hair do.

I was just planning on doing a quick drop off and then heading home. But we were out of trash bags so I took a quick detour to Wal-Mart…

That’s where I met Amy.

She was talking to an acquaintance of mine who I said a quick hello to.

Then she looked at me and said, “I know who you are. You’re Too Hottie…”

I was so excited to have been noticed by a reader and at the same time I was horrified to have this moment happen when I was looking at my absolute worst.

Amy was super nice and even though I looked like crap I was so happy to be able to meet her.

Shortly after I was scheduled to meet up with a few friends at Crossfit Bodywerx for another workout.

I didn’t even bother fixing the hair. There was no salvaging it and I knew that Brent was going to kick my butt until I looked a hot mess anyway. So I sported my awesome au naturel look at the gym too.

I was afraid I might embarrass Penelope in front of her boyfriend Baby Jack, but he didn’t seem to mind…





(Here is a link of what a snatch looks like… don’t look at me like that. It’s a weight lifting move, sheesh.)

Working up to a 3 rep max from the blocks. This means that we didn’t pull the weight from the ground like in the video but pulled from knee height to work on technique.

Once we reached our max (heaviest we could with good form) we did 3 sets of 3 at a slightly lower weight.




Tire Flips and Prowler Pushes

We were to flip a tractor tire over jump into the middle of it jump out of it to the other side then flip the tire over in the other direction.. jump in and out once again and flip for a third time. Instead of jumping into the tire the third time you flip it, you run to the weighted prowler and push it to one end of the gym and back… did you catch all of that?



There’s that funky hair I was talking about!




…and the booty shot. Gotta love it.

These were timed. My best time was 35 seconds.

I wasn’t very graceful at the jumping part and managed to scrape my knee on the tire at one point. Morgan and Tara both proved to be much more graceful than I was.



… and Matt showed Baby Jack what a real man looks like when he does crossfit.



Jack was impressed, I’m pretty sure he wants to be like his dad some day.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Day With Awesome Hair

  1. ok Nina I’m not sure at what part of ur workout it was that I saw u, but ur hair looked fine 🙂 And your looking great!!! Keep up all the great work!

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