Week 14 Weigh-in

happy friday

It’s weigh-in day! I say this with my face twisted into a what is supposed to be a smile with as much fake enthusiasm as I can muster.

A few weeks ago I started the 10 week challenge in an attempt to get ready for summer. Now we are 8 weeks out from the end of May and despite my efforts I’m just a centimeter closer to where I want to be.

I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 202.6.

WHAT THE @#&$!

I hate you!

No, not you…

I would throw my scale but it’s made of glass and I kind of need it for future weigh-ins.

I ate 90% clean this week. I had a handful of candy on Easter and had a few drinks (okay maybe 5) on date night paired with pizza on thin crust. This does not warrant weight gain… right?

I’ve run until my quads want to explode and lifted weights like a boss. I even passed up on post date night “eat like a fat kid day”. A part of me thinks I should have just partaken because it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

For a woman my size I know for a fact that I have not consumed the caloric amount that would warrant weight gain.

I’m going to assume that this number is a reflection of water weight due to the beer I drank on Tuesday night. For some reason alcohol makes me retain water. In the mean time my husband can drink 5 beers a night wake up, text me a topless photo of him flexing with the caption,”Do you think my supplements are working?”

I think he looks super hot but a part of me wants to text him back saying, “Do you think my foot would feel good up your… ? “

Whoa, I need to calm down.

When I started the 10 week challenge I said that I would not eat high glycemic carbs in the evening. This includes bread, rice, potatoes, pasta. I also swore off alcohol and sugar. I also gave myself one cheat meal a week. (That’s when I could drink and have dessert.)

I’ve done what I needed to do.

As a family we’ve switched over to mostly organic whole foods. Last night I even made a lasagna with zucchini instead of noodles in an attempt at staying on track.

I made it with Iowa Girl Eats Caprese Lasagna with Turkey Sausage recipe.


I even skimped on the cheese… I NEVER skimp on cheese!

I took Bridget to Starbucks this morning to get her and her friend Chai lattes and muffins as a treat and didn’t order anything for myself.

I think this behavior warrants a reward. Don’t you?

My plan of attack over the weekend is to drink a ton of water and to keep on keeping on. Oh and I might want adjust my attitude a bit too while I’m at it.

do what you can

… and onward we march!

By the way, how did your week go?

4 thoughts on “Week 14 Weigh-in

  1. I feel your pain…I just went to a 60 day check in for a boot camp program. I have gained a pound and lost half an inch total. I haven’t changed my diet drastically(knowing that is a big step) just cut out candy for veggies, but have been busting my butt with workouts that burn 800 calories/hour! I am sore just about every day and just want to scream!!! We just have to keep forging ahead and do what we can…

  2. The work you did this week will show up on your scale next week.
    That’s how it always works for me.
    I could starve myself for 7 days, step on the scale and gain a pound. So I give up and stuff my face for the next week, and then I’ve lost 4 pounds.
    Just keep doing what you’re doing, next week you’ll have a big loss I bet!

  3. I’m sure that the weight loss will show next week. Sometimes the scales can be so evil :(.

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