A Flavorful Life

best is yet to come

Have you ever noticed how each stage of your life has a certain flavor to it?

I could be walking down the street and a car will drive by blasting Wind of Change and I will suddenly be taken back to lazy summer days sitting by the pool licking the left over orange cheetoh powder off of my wrinkly chlorine soaked fingers.

When I catch the scent of fresh cut grass mixed with the smell of sunblock I’m suddenly transported to my home town and find myself on the soccer fields of my childhood. One taste of cinnamon toast sends me to my Grandma’s kitchen where my Grandpa had magically turned a regular loaf of white bread into the most decadent toast I’ve ever eaten. These little triggers catapult me to a different time in my life… each memory presented with its own distinct flavor.

I can’t describe, taste, touch or smell the actual flavor that resonates inside of me. It’s just a gut feeling that is paired with a time in my life. Each phase feeling completely unique.

These flavors don’t only exist in the past, I can feel them in the present. I can also tell when things are about to change, and a new flavor in my life is about to present itself.

Things just start to feel different.

During these times I fluctuate from feelings of anticipation to feelings of dread, a normal reaction to the unknown. Fortunately, when I am stuck in the most bitter moments of life I am capable of acknowledging that these moments are fleeting just like all others and the bitterness is only temporary. Before long that bitter flavor will mingle with the other flavors in my life, creating a symphony of feelings and experiences. All of these untouchable things secretly defining me and creating who I am and who I will become.

There are other times when life is so sweet that you don’t ever want it to change.

I can’t handpick what element in my current life will be presented to my future self as a reminder of where I am today. I can tell you that when I look back at where I am in this moment I will acknowledge how truly happy I am and I will remember the feeling of excitement that bubbles up in my chest when I think of what my future holds.

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