Penelope and Monkey Sitting in a Tree…

What’s that you say?


Today is my Birthday?!


You’re joking!


I’ve never had one of those before…


Hey Monkey, did you hear?


This is fabulous!


That means I am SOOO BIG!


This calls for celebration! Come here monkey… give us a squinch.


Awesome, that means I can take off this stupid bow now. No more cameras please, monkey needs his rest.

4 thoughts on “Penelope and Monkey Sitting in a Tree…

  1. Lovely pictures!!! She’s so cute!!! Did you make her monkey? I want to make a sock monkey at some point. Happy birthday little lady!!

    • Thanks Carla, we actually bought the monkey. My husband had a handmade one that he drug around with him until the eyeballs fell off. This was the first thing he bought for her to ensure that she had a best friend to grow up with too.

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