Poop Like a Ninja


Can I be honest with you for a minute?

This week sucked.

I’ve been suffering from this crazy sinus infection and have been given heavy duty antibiotics that makes me more sick, Bridget had a stomach bug and we have learned that Penelope has inherited her dad’s spring time allergies on top of getting her one year vaccinations which makes her poop like a ninja.

I don’t really know how ninjas poop but I’m gonna guess it sneaks up on you… like when you are at the grocery store or the library.

Things have turned a corner and today has proven to be a better day. The snow is sparkling outside which ranks right up there with glitter and fireworks as far as I’m concerned.

Now I’m patiently waiting for Penelope to go to sleep and then wake up so that we can head to the gym so that I can have some much needed endorphin pumping, music blasting alone time.

My mother-in-law Janice is in town for a conference for work. Sometimes I wonder if I married my husband so that I could actually marry his mom because I love that woman so much!

Last night we had a girls only slumber party because Brent is at work and my father-in-law won’t be joining us until later this weekend when we plan on having Penelope’s first birthday party. I can’t wait to see him too and I just know this weekend is going to be great!

The only problem is that when family comes into town we usually eat like crap. I’m going to do my best not to fall into that vicious trap this time but it has already proven to be quite a feat considering Janice is dying to take us out to eat…. it’s her love language.

I dodged the bullet yesterday by making chili and cornbread from scratch. She wanted to take us out tonight but I asked her if I could hold it off since I have a weigh-in tomorrow. I convinced her to let me make skinnytaste’s chicken piccata for dinner tonight with a side salad.


Janice rarely lets us kids cook for her because her mothering instincts tell her that she needs to be the one slaving away and fetching drinks for everyone while her food gets cold. This is ridiculous and I’m on a mission to teach her how to take a moment to be selfish.

If my influence ever prompts her to say “Get your own damn water!” Then I will die a happy woman.

It’ll never happen because first of all she never cusses and second of all she’s too sweet, but a girl can dream right? However, I am serving her a dish with wine in it and she never drinks. I’m just taking this whole corruption process one step at a time 😉

I would love to give Janice a dose of her own medicine by doting on her for a change but I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to hold off this not eating out thing for long. This is trouble because nobody really likes to order healthy stuff when they go out to eat.

Okay, so maybe some of you like to order healthy things because you’re perfect and since that is the case we can’t be friends… Sorry.

(I didn’t mean that, I’m just jealous.)

I’m tempted to just throw caution to the wind for the weekend and then pretend like I didn’t know what happened during the next week’s weigh-in. But I can’t do that because I have an unfortunate habit of being honest. So I plan on taking pictures of everything I eat over the weekend and posting it here. That way you can wag your finger at me and shame me into making wiser choices.

Good luck with that by the way.

Until then you will find me at the gym trying to get my groove back.

P.S. I finished The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen and really enjoyed it you should give it a shot. The ending totally threw me for a loop. Have you read any good books lately?

One thought on “Poop Like a Ninja

  1. Sorry about the sucky week! Hope you all get to feeling better soon! My daughter has bad spring allergies. She takes Allegra every morning! Don’t beat yourself up over going out to eat. I know it’s hard to find something healthy, but keep in mind that it takes 3500 EXTRA calories to gain 1 pound. Between your being conscious of how much you eat and your excercising, you’ll be just fine! 🙂

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