Truffle My Shuffle

Today I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and that annoying woodpecker pecking away at another metal object. Seriously, what is wrong with that guy?

I didn’t really mind because the sun was just rising and it was absolutely beautiful outside. Once I went downstairs I realized that I had run out of dish detergent so I made an early morning trip to the store. When I turned the corner off of my street I saw 5 hot air balloons floating in the air.


I always think of hot air balloons as a sign of good things to come.

The combination of the weather and the hot air balloons got me all giddy and I could feel the excitement bubbling up for summer.


I’m so excited for long morning runs, days by the pool, hiking in the foothills, outdoor concerts, farmer’s markets, outdoor movie screenings, cookouts, suntan lotions that smell like coconut, watermelons (spiked with vodka), backyard campouts, playing in the sprinklers, the scent of cotton wood trees, roasted marshmallows, flip-flop tan lines… I could keep going but I won’t.

I’ve got this rejuvenated feeling now that the weather has miraculously turned warm. It has also lit a fire under my butt as far as motivation is concerned. It’s almost bathingsuit time! So I met up with my friend Corene at Crossfit Bodywerx to do some werk on this physique.

Brent ran us through an awesome workout that had my arms shaking and my mouth grinning by the end of it. It was pretty fun actually.

Here it is… I couldn’t think of a clever name so we’ll just skip that part.


Toy Soldiers and Spiderman Lunges


We worked on our Snatch lifting technique…


 “Hey look at my snatch!”

Haha… I crack myself up! That joke never gets old… or maybe it does and I just don’t care.

We also worked on our Clean lifting technique


I had to get serious and keep a straight face… lifting is important business folks and you’re only doing it right if you have a mega double chin. (I tell myself these things.)

After we finished that Brent decided to work on our grip so that we can progressively get better with olympic lifting. So he put wide grips on the weights and had us do hammer curls and barbel curls to failure three times each.


The wide grip makes it SO much harder.

After we did that little doozy we did a short metcon workout. I didn’t really know what a metcon was until I googled it. All I knew was that Brent uses the term all of the time. FYI, it just means a short intense circuit style workout.

He set up three cones across the gym. He placed a fairly heavy kettlebell at the center cone and that was where we started. We had to sprint to the cone on the left then all the way to the cone of the far right, then back to the center cone where we had to do 10 russian kettlebell swings as fast as we could.


My fastest time was 19.5 seconds. I felt pretty awesome. Brent couldn’t get a picture of the actual sprinting because I only had my phone camera with me and it was too slow. But Mark the owner of Crossfit Bodywerx took one and it looked something like this…

Chunk Truffle Shuffle

Fat isn’t supposed to move that fast apparently. But I wasn’t heart broken to have a bad picture taken because after all, I did get a good shot of my snatch… (Haha! There it is again, I’m killing myself!)

Ahem… anyhoo.

I came home and made a yummy post workout meal.


Grilled chicken salad with yogurt ranch and sweet potato fries.

Penelope is asleep and instead of cleaning my house I plan on putting on my bathing suit to lay out for a while. I’ll show my neighbors just how truffle my shuffle really is.

But one thing is for certain I will NOT be tanning my backside in this chair…yogatan

I’m gonna have to do a little more yoga before I try to pull that one off.

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