Opposite Day


Do you remember being a kid and declaring a day as “Opposite Day” so that you could piss off your mom by doing the exact opposite of what she told you to do?

This is a genius move as a kid. Because when you got in trouble for not obeying you could simply shrug your shoulders as if the situation was out of your hands and say, “But its opposite day.”

I kind of feel like life is playing this little trick on me at the moment but instead of being incredibly annoying it’s actually worked out in my favor.

Today when I woke up I had this overwhelming feeling that I was pretty awesome. No, not pretty awesome… really awesome.

I have no idea why I felt this way because in the past two weeks I have managed to crash my car, throw out my back and break my dishwasher… that’s not awesome.

When I first started writing this blog I was looking for this moment to arrive. I thought it would happen when I weighed forty pounds less, was immaculately dressed and incredibly organized.

None of that is actually the case but I didn’t want to waste time thinking about that because moments like this are fleeting. So instead, I took a moment to revel in my imperfect glory.

While I was enjoying how awesome I was I decided to jump on the scale and take a sneak peek to see how bad the damage had been since I haven’t been able to workout due to my back injury. I blinked three times when I saw that number because there was no way that it made any sense. I know I’m not supposed to equate how awesome I am by any type of number but it definitely confirmed that things are going my way even when things aren’t really going my way.

I know… I’m just as confused as you are.

Since it was opposite day, I decided to go to the gym and fit in a workout even though I haven’t officially been cleared by the professionals. I didn’t lift any weights but I did get to do a bit of cardio. I had no idea how much I missed sweating on purpose… gross but true.

Then I went outside and picked a ton of weeds another no, no… I’m such a rebel.

I’m sure tomorrow things will go back to normal. That’s when we’ll find out how my back feels.

Keep your fingers crossed, will ya?


One thought on “Opposite Day

  1. Hooray for opposite day!!
    Usually one day every summer my boys have opposite day – I sort-of suck at it since I keep forgetting that EVERYTHING has to be opposite!!!

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