The Worm Whisperer

So, we’ve made it pretty clear that I am the crappiest gardener there ever was. But I still haven’t let that little fact get in the way of my gardening plans for the summer.

I spent the majority of my weekend enjoying the little things that make me so happy… like playing in dirt.


I always feel so bad when I come across a worm that I accidentally cut in half. As I was planting my daisies I found one hanging onto the bottom of the roots. So I greeted him by saying, “Oh hey there little buddy! You just found yourself a new home.”

That’s when my neighbor cleared her throat to let me know that she was standing at my gate to chat. (I’m just glad she didn’t walk in on me cussing out her wiener dogs.)

When I turned my head to talk Penelope took advantage of the time to taste our garden goodies. The only problem is that we don’t really have any garden goodies yet. I’m just hoping she didn’t get a chance to eat any of our little friends.


 (She got quite ticked off when I didn’t let her finish her snack.)

All of my other attempts at keeping her safely preoccupied didn’t last very long either…



But they were sure cute!

Despite the frequent melt downs I managed to plant my cottage garden at the side of the house.


I was inspired to get a move on when my daylilies made their appearance at the top right of my garden. The gladiolus are following closely behind in the back right. They’ll be joined by…





and my personal favorite…



As I was planting I looked over to see that somebody was watching me.


This little guy was SO cute! But my strawberries are never going to make it with this fuzzy little guy around. So I’ve already bought some liquid fence on amazon. Let’s hope it works because I don’t want to have to get all gangsta on a bunny.

My strawberries will thank me later and so will my tummy.


I’ve also planted my pumpkin seeds…


Scout decided that those mounds looked like great fun! It would be like a treasure hunt. So he dug through looking to see what he might find. Needless to say, the only thing he found was trouble.

I’m planning on planting a few more vegetables this week but I’ll wait to plant my heirloom tomatoes until I’m sure it will be warm enough. Until then they’ll have to look out the window waiting for their chance to play with the big kids…


In other news I did my first crossfit workout since the back injury and it was all good! I think I’ll be okay to pick up where I left off. I’ve got to do something bad ass to counteract my granny tendencies of throwing out my back and taking pictures of flowers… It’s all about balance, you know.

How was your weekend? Did you get a farmer’s tan like I did?

2 thoughts on “The Worm Whisperer

  1. That cute little rabbit is evil. Forget that liquid fence nonsence, it doesn’t work. Prepare to go Chuck Norris on that little thing or say Sayanara to your garden. I have to get off the computer and go check my rabbit traps. Later.

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