Week 21 Weigh-in

Good morning everyone!


 Guess what? It’s weigh-in day!

I woke up this morning actually looking forward to posting my weight today. When this happens I always feel unlikable, like that teacher’s pet who always raises their hand and then smirks at you when they get the answer right.

Now that I’ve found my groove I actually feel pretty boring. My most interesting posts were born from failures. Any good story has got to have a little struggle in it. (I’ll have to keep that in mind when things aren’t looking so good.)

When I stepped on the scale it read 189.4.

Once I reach 187 I get to make another trip to Lululemon to invest in some super cute shorts and maybe a tank top if it can handle my boobs.

Until then I found a few cute tops at Target to hold me over. I put one on and took a self photo of it to show how slim I look. But it looked like I was taking a self-portrait of my boobs.


Not really the kind of blog I’ve got going on.

I always think it’s funny when people google “hottie” and they are led to my blog to find pictures like this…



And I’ll just leave you with that little image in your mind…

How was your week? Are you still on this journey with me? Once you’ve reached your goal let me know and I’ll do a feature on your success!

Happy Friday everyone 😉

4 thoughts on “Week 21 Weigh-in

  1. You’re doing well 🙂 I’ve been off track for the last week and a half. It meant on Monday I weighed in 2lbs heavier 😦 This week I haven’t been on track I keep trying then sort of not really paying attention or putting my whole effort into it!!!
    Again well done 😀

  2. Still with you, although haven’t done too well the last couple weeks. While I haven’t lost, I haven’t gained either!
    Going through a rough time, so hard not to emotionally eat.

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