Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

*Thank you to the men and women who have gone above and beyond to protect the rest of us! We are so grateful to you and all that you do.*

Guess what… It’s officially summer!


Okay, so it’s not technically the first day of Summer but in my world it is because the pool is open!

Penelope wasn’t so sure she was a fan because the water was still cold. But Bridget didn’t mind because it made Penelope super snuggly.

pool snuggles

This weekend has been great already. I drove down to Castle Rock on Friday to visit my good friend Cate and her adorable boys.


Penelope played with Sam and Griffin’s toys while Griffin schemed ways to squirt us with the water hose in his underwear.


“Hey Penelope, have you seen our cows? Take a good look while I go find the water hose…. stay right there.”


Griffin was really put out when the water hose was broken (aka shut off). He had her right where he wanted her.

On Saturday I worked out and pulled weight from the ground for the first time since the back injury.


Instead of working on heavy weights I just tested the waters by working on my technique. We later did a WOD that included A LOT of push up’s… I hate push up’s.

Once I got home from that I worked in the yard (in my bathing suit… of course) and later we had a few friends over to grill some food and live the dart life.


I bought my husband a Cardinal’s dart board for our garage so now he and his friend are obsessed with drinking beer and throwing darts #dartlife. Neither of them is very good at the dart part of the whole process. But they’ve got the beer drinking down pat.

I woke up this morning super tired from that workout and from the copious amounts of beer I drank the day before. That didn’t stop me from going out and working on the yard a little bit more. When I stepped outside guess what I found!


Three little pumpkin plants emerged overnight! Yay!

I also released my beloved rainbow heirloom tomatoes into the great big world.


I had to plant them in pots to make sure they get enough sun. I can’t wait to find out what color the tomatoes are going to be!


I also planted some zinnia seeds behind one of my raised gardens. I never trust seeds to actually work so I’m just waiting to see if they actually emerge. Scout walked through it shortly after I planted them because I found is paw prints in the dirt. Why does he have to be a butt head when it comes to planting stuff?!

In other news I’ve become obsessed with the show “Splash”. It’s all Brandi Chastain’s fault.

brandi chastain

I first developed a girl crush on her back in 1999 during the world cup. I just love her she’s so fun! Plus I kinda want to be ripped like her one day.

How is your weekend going? Did you have any big plans or are you hanging low like we did?

2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. I did a farmers walk today for the first time… Whew!! That kicked my butt! I love reading your blog. 🙂

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