Mommy Dearest

I don’t know about you but when I get home from vacation I get in the mood to clean my house and organize.


Organization and I have a love/hate relationship. I love being organized I just hate doing the actual organizing. I function much better if I’ve got structure but the rebel in me can’t stand it. If I’m not organized I feel like a slob, if I’m too organized I feel like I’m not cool enough to hang out with myself… I’ve got standards, I can only hang out with the cool kids. No nerds allowed.

We left Bridget in St. Louis for a few days longer to be spoiled by her aunts and uncles. I’ve missed her like crazy so it was the perfect time to tackle the black hole that her room had become. For the past few months every time I walked past it I could feel my inner “Mommy Dearest” bubbling up. I thought for the sake of our mental health… both her’s and mine. It would be best if I stayed away and left the cleaning to her.

Needless to say she was simply too overwhelmed to do it right. I couldn’t take it anymore and took care of it while she was gone. This was best so that I wouldn’t yell at her when I found a moldy peanut butter and jelly sandwich under her bed or when I found that experimental grape that was almost a raisin.

raisenIs it a grape or a raisin?

This was a two day project because Brent was at work and Penelope wasn’t allowed in the hazard area until I got a better hold on it. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was halfway through and it was really bugging me to leave it unfinished(which is weird because I’m the queen of unfinished business). After it was all said and done 7 trash bags were sent to Goodwill and 4 were sent to the trash.

Here is the before…

mommy dearest1

and the after…

mommy dearest2Aren’t you glad your mom didn’t write a blog when you were growing up?

In true nerdy fashion I have compiled a chore list to help her stay on track throughout the summer. I have to stay on top of her about it. I do NOT want this child to be like me when she grows up!

She’s flying in tomorrow with her Uncle Bryce and her cousin Ruby. I’ve got the meals tentatively planned and some fun activities waiting to be called upon.

Here are a few of the recipes I plan on making while they are here…

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins


Honey Mustard Chicken and Veggie Kabobs

kabobs(with cauliflower rice)

Caprese Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Reduction


Prosciutto, Melon and Spinach Salad

melon salad

Roasted Apricots With Mascarpone and Blackberry Drizzled With Honey

roasted apricots

(This link was a dead end but it sounds pretty self explanitory.)

Summer Chicken Wraps


That’s just a few ideas I have in my arsinal. I’ve got a few cocktail/mocktail ideas as well. I can’t wait for them to get here. We could go downtown Denver and stroll around possibly stopping by the Market for a Cuppa…


We can go to the reservoir nearby and see the hot air balloons launch off, or go to the farmer’s market on Sunday by the Tattered Cover and I think there is a carnival that is going to be going on nearby during this weekend as well. The options are endless I just can’t wait for them to get here!

I plan on eating fairly healthy but I have a feeling I’m going to have to run like Forest Gump to get back to where I was before vacation. I still haven’t weighed myself… I figured ignorance is bliss at this point. But we shall see…

2 thoughts on “Mommy Dearest

  1. Oh you are brave cleaning a pre-teen girl’s room. I am shuddering with memories of world war three commencing when my mother did that haha

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