Week 27 Weigh-in

Guess what… it’s another resolution day! I pick these things at random through out the year. Some of my favorite resolution days include Daylight Savings Time, Halloween, New Year’s Day… Wednesday. It doesn’t matter really, it’s just a time when I decide to clean up my act a bit. I’ll do great for a while and then start to screw up again and that’s when the next resolution day is triggered into action.

When I first started writing this blog I was in a place of desperation. I was suffering from postpartum depression (even though I didn’t know it) and I was so uncomfortable in all aspects that my skin was just crawling. I’m not like that anymore. In fact, I am super comfortable… maybe too comfortable.


I’m under the delusional influence of It’s-summer-time-and-I’ll-live-in-my-bathing-suit-if-I-want-to-itis. If you don’t like it avert your eyes. If you like it too much, once again, avert your eyes… that’s creepy.

However, there is something to be said about desperation, it gets shit done. Since June rolled around and I was thrown into full summer fun speed I’ve neglected all aspects of trying to lose weight. Sure, I’ve eaten healthy stuff like this…

Sautéed shrimp on top of cauliflower rice with berries and roasted asparagus.
Sautéed shrimp on top of cauliflower rice with berries and roasted asparagus.

But I’ve also had a lot of this…

Fourth of July Feast
Fourth of July Feast

…and beer, lots of beer.

I’m glad I’m feeling great in my skin it’s a great place to be and a major milestone for getting healthy. But just because you feel healthy it doesn’t mean that you are healthy. I’m still in need of some weight loss. Let’s face it eating healthy and working out is not a prison sentence. (Even though your pouty inner fat kid may think so.) It actually feels quite good and it just makes you feel even better about life in general and how you’re living it.

This morning when I woke up I hopped on the scale to see what the damage was from yet another week of just doing what I wanted. It said… 192.0. To be honest I’m glad. I’ve pretty much had a “free day” for the past month and I’ve only fluctuated around three pounds. This means my body is in a healthy state. My metabolism is humming and it has proven that when it comes time to maintain I won’t have any problems. But like I said, there is still work that has to be done.

So here we go, resolution day begins…

By resolution I mean that I’m going to refocus on the task at hand and see how much weight I can lose by August 20th, my birthday. It might be a little and it might be a lot. I’m not in a race. I’m not going to resort to desperate methods. I’m just dedicating this time to focus on being super healthy by eating really clean and working out to improve my strength and endurance.

I feel like short spurts of focus are much healthier for me mentally. I’m trying to avoid that obsessive mental state that you can get sucked into when you start “dieting”. It’s a slippery slope that can lead to a negative way of looking at yourself.

So here we go… wish me luck!


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