Bad Teen Television


I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I blame this on my lack of consistent exercise the past few weeks… and teething. Penelope has three teeth coming in.

This morning after I watered the lawn, washed some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, got the baby fed and dressed I was finally ready to go to the gym. As soon as I placed Penelope in the car seat she FREAKED out. Her teeth were killing her and she decided that she wanted a morning nap even though she has boycotted them the past few days.

I postponed my plans for the gym and took her back inside so that she could take a nap… after 45 minutes it was confirmed that she didn’t really want the nap. She was just kidding. But she still wasn’t in the mood for the gym, or cuddling, or being put down.

Since I was by myself for 17 days (who’s counting?) I’ve been in need of a little break from the kiddos. I love them but if I don’t get a break soon there is a chance that I might end up on Intervention.


(Note: Addiction is no laughing matter. Unless you’re watching it on TV for entertainment purposes… while drinking wine.)

The problem is I can’t exactly shove the kids in Brent’s direction with a “Sayonara sucker!” because he’s recuperating from fighting a wildland fire. Why does he always have to one up me?!

While I waited for Penelope to take a nap he went to the gym to fit in his workout… and I was jealous. Jealous in that bad made for TV mean girl way. (I would have totally connived a way to steal his boyfriend if he were a girl who looked better than me.)

While he was gone Penelope continued to freak out and then Bridget decided to join in on the freak out action pre-teen style. So I texted Brent a sweet little message that said…

“I’m going to lose my SHIT!”

He hurried home to find that the girls were calm and so was I. I had somehow managed to get it all under control before he made it home. He’s been making fun of me all day… “I’m LOSING it! Oh wait… No. No I’m not.”

To make a long story short I spent the entire day wearing a sports bra with dirty hair hoping that I just might be able to make it to the gym… I didn’t make it to the gym. By the time the afternoon had arrived my boobs were begging me to set them free and I couldn’t stand the not showering thing a moment longer.

When Penelope finally decided to take a nap I took a shower the same way you raise a white flag in defeat.

As soon as I got out of the shower Brent asked me if I wanted to go for a hike. He knew I was in a funk and he knows that a sure-fire way to boost my mood is to get me out in the sunshine. I didn’t care that I had just washed my hair and that I would have to do it all over again…I was ready to go!


We took the whole family including the dog and he teased me saying I’m like Scout, I need exercise or I sulk. I laughed because it’s true.

Just like that I was better. We came home and had Crock Pot Bourbon Chicken Sammies with Crunchy Apple Slaw for dinner. SO. GOOD.

bourbon BBQ chicken

After dinner a little wrestling match ensued in the kitchen…


That’s normal right?

Penelope went down for bed without a fight… yes! And Bridget is enveloped in a good book. Now that I have a little freedom I kind of want to watch Teen Wolf on Hulu because I think I’m secretly convinced that if I watch bad teen television I won’t age as fast. It’s a beauty secret 😉

Unfortunately, Brent is already watching something boring so I’ll probably just go to bed with the hopes that somehow throughout the night all of Penelope’s teeth have miraculously emerged (Twilight style) pain free so that I can to go the gym tomorrow without any hiccups.

5 thoughts on “Bad Teen Television

  1. I have never been happier to see someone else’s husband come home. More sunny day hikes to you all.

  2. i know those dirty hair pulled back into a pony tail, wearing a sports bra just waitin’ for the right time to work out moments all to well…glad you got a hike in. Been wanting to try same recipe. Will def try now! 🙂

  3. Well, bummer to the no-gym but glad you got to take a hike!!!
    And, thanks for linking to that chicken recipe – gonna make those soon!!!

  4. Poor punkin Penelope and poor mama. Have you tried the whole whisky trick with rubbing it on her gums and then drinking the rest? I’ve always wondered if that works.

    I’ve been a major slack-a-doodle-doo recently. Trying to step it back up in the working out dept because I do miss it tremendously but then LIFE gets in the way. I wish I was an early riser so that I go before work, but um…yeah…no that is not going to happen.

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