Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretel

I feel like I have been stuck in a fairy tale. Have you actually read an old school fairy tale? They’re demented and scary as hell, the stuff nightmares are made of.

Of all of the tales out there I felt like Hansel and Gretel the most. I’ve been lost in the woods looking for a big house made of candy. Then I got trapped and was forced to eat until my fingers got chubby. The only problem was that I was the witch in this story as well.

How I got so lost in the first place is a complete mystery to me and why I veered off of the path that was making me so happy is an even bigger question.

I got stuck in that mystical place of, “I’ll start tomorrow… tomorrow… tomorrow…”  My brain was like a whirlpool whipping around and around pulling me down. It’s crazy how your brain can get in the way of your own best interests.

But guess what! Today was the day I found my way out of the woods… or the whirl pool… or the refrigerator. (Keep up with my analogies!)

I’m back to me again (the healthy me) and it all simply started with a healthy breakfast.


Oatmeal microwaved in a left over peanut butter jar with bananas and chia seeds. Yum.


Then after my morning walk with the munchkin I watered the garden and discovered that I have a TON of zucchini that need to be eaten. You may not be able to tell in this picture but these suckers are huge!

This has prompted me to look up zucchini recipes. Skinnytaste has so many options to choose from. She has a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it here.  I’ve tried a few of the recipes and so far and they are winners.

But my one of my go to recipes for tricking Bridget to eat her veggies is zucchini “crab” cakes.

zucchini crab cakes

I always conveniently forgot to mention the zucchini part whenever I served these to Bridget. She never noticed even though they were full of zucchini. If you click on the link above the recipe tells you to fry these in 1/2 c of oil but that’s not necessary. They are perfectly tasty just sprayed with a little cooking spray and sautéed in a pan at med-high heat or you could spray them with spray and cooking them in the oven at 450 until crispy on top.

That is what I plan on doing tonight served with pan seared fish with fresh lemon.

Why is it that I always forget how yummy eating healthy can be?

Now last week I told you I was invited to do a blogger challenge where I logged into a sight and tried workouts and recipes. At Fit Women’s Weekly Taylor has a plethora of workouts and recipes that you can try. The workouts are intense and can burn some serious fat and she also provides full meal plans for you as well.

I was super excited about it and wanted to post the workouts on the blog to share with you all. Then I realized that it took a damn hour to study the workout and then share it with you so that you could simply understand what it was asking you to do. Penelope is down to one nap a day and honestly I have other things I would rather blog about.

The workouts are great but they require too much counting and timing. My workout time is sacred to me, it’s my alone time and I’m fortunate to have a hottie hubby who is also a personal trainer. He does all of the counting and timing for me. So why would I want to do it myself?

Honestly, it’s kind of cramping my style. This blog is all about being honest and we all know I’m a brat. I do what I want and I don’t want to do that.

However, I can see how this would be a great starting point for when you have just started your journey and you seriously just need someone to tell you what to do. It eliminates any confusion you may have on where to start.

Also, don’t like being told what to do. Duh… I told you, I’m a brat!

That being said, I’m not posting her workouts because I intend to spend all of that typing time on making some yummy zucchini bread muffins for the girl’s breakfast tomorrow instead.


The more time I spend in the kitchen cooking the more weight I tend to lose. Weird, huh? I think it’s because I’m fully aware of every ingredient that is going into my body. I’ll be making zucchini lasagna when Brent gets home from work.


This weight loss business sure is tasty! How could I have forgotten?!

3 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel

  1. It is amazing how much succhini you get from one plant! I call zucchini “The Duggars of the Veggie Garden”…they just keep producing! I have been way off course too recently…I just have had no motivation. And then I saw a picture of myself and yeahhhhhhhh…back on track we go.

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