Coco Robicheaux

coco robicheaux

Today was one of those days that I actually did everything that I set out to do… It wasn’t easy but I did it.

You see I have this bratty alter ego whose name is Coco Robicheaux. She’s always getting me into precarious situations by giving me crazy ideas. When I was younger it started out innocent enough. She would say things like, “I wonder what happens when you stick gum in the microwave?”

Then she moved on to, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if you convince your room-mate to push you home in a shopping cart? The eggs won’t break… Scout’s honor.” FYI, the eggs always break. Especially when you get in a shopping cart wreck. Then you end up bleeding in the middle of the street with a shopping cart laying on top of you while your room-mate goes to find money for more eggs… but I digress.

Lately she’s been saying stuff like, “Hey you should eat that cookie.” or “You should drink 5 margaritas and try to dance like Beyonce.” That’s never actually happened.

Oh that reminds me… I need to look up that video of Beyonce getting her hair stuck in a fan. Coco tried to get me to watch it instead of going out for a run this morning but I didn’t listen to her. I forgot all about it until now.


Beyonce’s alter ego must have been like. “Hey, go stand in front of that fan while you sing this song… it’ll be fun.”

Oh Sasha, why do you have to be so mean? Sasha is Beyonce’s alter ego, just in case you didn’t know…  true story.

Anyway, today was the first day that I actually regret not taking Coco’s advice. After my run this morning I felt bad for leaving Scout behind. I just couldn’t handle him and the stroller at the same time. So when I was done with my run I swung back around and picked him and Bridget up so that we could go for a walk. He was SO happy!

so happy

Unfortunately, Coco Robicheaux thought we should go to Starbucks even though I had some of my homemade iced coffee before the run. (For the record I didn’t listen to her, instead of getting a venti iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel I got a venti unsweetened iced tea. Thankyouverymuch.)

Once we arrived several people were sitting outside chatting with friends while they had their coffee. Among them was a man reading his newspaper while his toy poodle lounged next to his chair. As we walked past Scout decided that he should give that poodle a little sniff. He started to lean his head over in that direction and the man swatted at him with his newspaper.

I was in shock. Did that guy just hit my dog with his newspaper? It wasn’t rolled up but it was rude all the same.

Coco told me to snatch that newspaper from that man’s sweaty pudgy fingers and whack him over the head with it and see how he likes it!

I didn’t do that.

So then she told me to give him a dirty look, “Make it good” and I did. Only I was wearing sunglasses so he didn’t see it. I strode past him to get my drink fuming all the same. By the time I had walked back out with my drink in hand to give him the dirty look he deserves, sans the sunglasses, he was gone. I had missed my opportunity to fight for my dog’s honor… I had let him down.

It’s been bugging me all day. Why is it that my first instinct is to be polite?

Brent tells me I’m a weirdo magnet because I smile at everyone… EVERYONE. I can’t help it. I don’t want to waste this dimple on not smiling! But I should be able to be rude to a man who hit my dog. Should I not?

Coco wouldn’t let me hear the end of it for the rest of the day. She tempted me with all kinds of bad ideas because I ignored her one good suggestion. But I stayed strong…

I cleaned the house.

I made zucchini lasagna.

zucchini lasagna

I stayed out of the wine…  oh wait, no I didn’t.

I made healthy zucchini muffins.


Then I gave half of them to my neighbor because they tasted too good.


I threw in a few zucchini while I was at it because I sprayed her wiener dogs with the water hose… all five of them. What?! They wouldn’t shut up on the other side of the fence. Besides, Coco made me do it.

I walked around the garden where Coco and I had a good laugh at the pepper plant that only has one pepper on it making the plant look like it has a wiener…


Then we laughed at the word wiener. You know because of the wiener dogs and the…

Ahem, anyway. Doesn’t my garden look good?





And with that I leave you with a give-a-way from Purina Dog Chow. They have offered to send one of my loyal dog loving readers a kit that is very similar to the one that I received. It includes the following:

  • One 4-pound bag of Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy
  • 10 Samples of Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy to share with your friends, family
  • Product Brochure
  • Leash
  • Dog bowl
  • Doggie water bottle
  • Pet pedometer
  • Bandana

To enter this giveaway respond to this post in the comments section by telling me what kind of dog you have. Also, please share your thoughts on what you would have done if a weirdo hit your dog with a newspaper. It can happen to you!

You have until Thursday at midnight. I will announce who the winner is on Friday during this week’s weigh-in so be sure to stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “Coco Robicheaux

  1. I’m half lab, half golden retriever. If that guy swatted at me with a newspaper my mom would bathe that poodle in her entire iced coffee and walk away. Oops.

  2. I have a beagle that I love sooo very much! 🙂 Truthfully, you are a better person than I am. I probably would have snatched the paper and ask him what the heck he thought he was doing and popped him back!!

  3. Your garden looks great! I’m jealous!

    BTW…I have a border collie who doesnt know how to control her energy, and an old gentle Rottweiler who will give her own dirty looks or snowls if anyone swats at her! She still has attitude at her old age of 10!

  4. I have:
    80 Pound Shepherd/Husky mix named Achilles. (He’s currently blowing his undercoat. If you need some free dog hair, please let me know.)
    40 Pound Shepherd/Cattle dog mix named Sally. (She’s slightly mentally unbalanced, but we love her anyway.)
    30 Pound Spaniel mix named Tanner. (He’s my old, old man now and deaf. Completely deaf. Which makes yelling for him to come inside completely pointless, but I can’t seem to stop myself. Maybe he’s not deaf and just ignores me.)

    I had a Keeshond named Apples for 12 years…she passed away in 2011. I still miss her everyday.

    And if a person hit one of my dogs, I think I might LOSE it. Seriously. My father in law once shooed one of my dogs off the couch (he doesn’t believe dogs belong on the furniture – hello, it was my house) and I yelled at him…so there were be no holding back with a complete stranger.

  5. You are too funny! My coco would have done exactly the same thing as you and regretted it. Then she would tell me to walk few of those wiener dogs up to that Starbucks until I saw him again. Wiener dogs will TALK back. Just have a seat right next to him 😊…. ( But I probably wouldn’t do that either)

  6. We have a husky collie mix and a lab puppy! Have been reading for a few months now, love your blog.

  7. I have a black Miniature Schnauzer named Ellie. She thinks she is a Giant Schnauzer, so don’t tell her. She doesn’t like men very much, so she might have gone all Giant on that guy for me.

    By the way, someone in line behind me at Elitch Gardens told me I needed a haircut a few weekends ago. Really. And here I thought 6 hours in the rain, then sun, then rain, and then extreme wind would have made my hair look better than a “Monica-gone-to-Barbados” hairdo from Friends. Mean people drive me crazy. But, I did since get a haircut…

  8. I have two pugs. Charlie and Sam. I would have given him a nasty look and would have said in a I have attitude why isn’t your brain connected voice “Excuse Me!!!!!…..and then still stare and move on” I have to say I am pretty protective of my doggies. 🙂

  9. A cute little mini dachshund, Daisy. She’s chunky & my son LOVES her. Haha.

    And I probably would have reacted the same as you, I’m way too polite and hate confrontation.

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