An Attempt At Keeping My Thighs From Eating My Shorts

As you well know this week as been a “get your shit together week”. It’s sort of a theme I have going on with this blog…

Monday was awesome, I did everything I set out to do. I woke up early got in a few loads of laundry, planned out all of my workouts for the week and was rearing and ready to go before the girls had even woken up.

As promised (to myself) I loaded the jogging stroller and headed out for an early morning run when Penelope woke up before the stay-at-home crazies kicked in. It was awesome. I’m sure I felt more awesome than I looked as I wobbled around trying to navigate through my music and keep my shorts from creeping up my thighs all while steering a jogging stroller. Have you ever noticed my subtitle, An Attempt At Keeping My Thighs From Eating My Shorts?

I wasn’t kidding.

The entire day was spent doing everything my dream self would do. I even felt like mother of the year when Penelope stole my green smoothie from me…


I posted it on Facebook as if to say…”See, even my baby loves liquid veggies. We are. That. Perfect. Jealous?” That’s the game we play on Facebook. Isn’t that why we only post the good looking photos of ourselves and the things we do right? I sort of ruin the effect with this blog, though… I need to learn how to keep it on the DL.

Anyway, the whole day went that way. It was awesome.

Then I woke up on Tuesday and I just could not get moving. My throat was killing me and I had a fever. I had been fighting off the cold that everyone else in my family had gotten for the past week and a half and it finally caught up with me. I was miserable.

I managed to get to Whole Foods to buy some Umcka to help fight it off. At a whopping $16 bucks it was worth every penny because I’ve taken this miracle worker before and was fine the next day. I was hoping for the same results.


Needless to say, I didn’t fit in a workout on Tuesday. I didn’t eat much either because my throat was killing me. For the first time in forever I wished it was freezing outside so that I could curl up with a bowl of soup or hot tea. It was too hot for that so instead I sweat it out in my bed when I took a three hour nap. Luckily Brent was home from work.

I was a zombie for the entire day.

Funnily enough when I woke up this morning I felt fine. I was still tired but my sore throat was gone. I had scheduled a crossfit workout but Brent wouldn’t let me do it. Since he’s my trainer I didn’t have any choice. He thought I should take it easy since I was so sick the day before.

Since I couldn’t workout I focused on eating super clean. I had greek yogurt and berries for breakfast and kale salad for lunch. Once again I was so proud when Penelope insisted I share my salad with her.


She didn’t really like the salad. She would take a big bite, spit it out, scoop up another bite and spit it out again until she decided she would rather sweep than eat anymore kale.

For dinner I made fresh bruschetta using this recipe. I pan seared some chicken with salt and pepper and melted a little bit of mozzarella on top before piling on the bruschetta.


I got all giddy when I plucked the basil out of my garden for this recipe. When I walked back into my kitchen I saw the massive stack of zucchini waiting to be used up. The guilt got the better of me so I threw together a zucchini pie for a side along with a salad.

zucchini pie

Everyone is so sick of zucchini at my house. So, I thought there would be plenty of leftovers for breakfast. Turns out everyone loved it… even the kids. There are only two pieces left and I have a feeling I better be the first one to the fridge tomorrow morning or my breakfast plans will be eaten by my husband.

After dinner Bridget and I went for a walk ‘n talk. I usually have to drag her out of the house to go for a walk with me. But once she gets out she enjoys it. (That’s what I tell myself.)  We walked around in the sunshine/rain. It was sunny but raining at the same time and it made the most beautiful rainbow…


When we looked up and saw it Bridget squeezed my hand and told me that she really does love going on walks with me 🙂

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