Week 31 Weigh-in and Monthly Pictures


Today is weigh-in day… and picture day… and measurement day. I hate it.

Okay so I don’t hate it. I’m just bitter since I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in over a week. The spawn… I mean Penelope has decided that she hates sleep. All kinds of sleep, she doesn’t discriminate. I went to bed at 10:30 and she started screaming at 11:30 and didn’t stop until 4:30. If you try the cry it out method she’ll poop. I’m telling you that kid poops on demand… It’s a talent, really.

I had a crossfit workout scheduled to take place in about three minutes. Since Penelope didn’t sleep last night and was acting super tired Brent and I decided we should try to get her to take a morning nap instead of hauling her to the gym.

Is she napping right now? Nope. She’s babbling away in her room. Am I frustrated because I gave up yet another crossfit workout this week? Yep.

Despite my grumpy ways I did manage to weigh myself and take my monthly pictures. I weighed in at 191.2. This is good news because I weighed 196 last week.

This is also kind of bad news because I have been hovering at this weight the entire summer. But next week it will be in the 180’s where it will stay… until I reach the 170’s.

I’m pretty sure I look just like I did in my last monthly picture as well…




Do you see the chair that looks like it’s in time out in the back ground? That’s another child proofing decorative choice.

Through out the entire week I only managed to fit in one good long run and a couple of leisurely walks. So the progress I made to get back on track was done solely on eating clean, and I must say it was quite yummy.

This next week I will focus on making exercise a priority no matter how crazy my toddler gets. It’s an important aspect to my mental health. I’ve gotta sweat that crazy out.

In other news I hope a miracle happens and Penelope sleeps all night tonight. Tomorrow morning I’m taking the PLACE test for my teacher certification. I have been waiting 10 years to take this test. I have to pass this sucker before I can sign up for  student teaching.

This has been a source of anxiety for me because it is the first step toward the changes that are going to take place within the next year. I’m excited for them but apprehensive about this all at the same time. So… wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “Week 31 Weigh-in and Monthly Pictures

  1. You look great!

    & good luck on your test!

    By the way, completely understand your childproof decorative choices. My entire apartment basically looks exactly like that… Except not as clean. Haha. Toddlers! They sure know how to make a mess. 🙂

  2. good luck on your test!!! i know you’ll ace it.

    and you look great, too! remember that this summer you took some time to enjoy and savor life…food…family…wine 😉 but you also maintained the huge progress you had already made! don’t take it lightly, because that really is saying that you are doing this weight-loss thing the “right” way. i really admire what you have done so far, especially with the handful that is your daughters!! i myself gained 5ish pounds this summer, but i don’t regret an ounce of it because it was one of the best summers i’ve had…..and i’ll lose it all once school starts and i’m chasing middle schoolers around :p

    much love 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Trying to eat healthy and train when you are tired and grumpy is really hard. So, fantastic work on the weight loss! A loss is a loss in my book and can keep you focused and positive. I rarely weight myself, instead look at how my clothes fit and whether i can see differences in my face or arms, you look great.
    Also best of luck with your test!!!

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