Hallucinating About Gorillas

sore muscles

I have to tell you, there is nothing more delightful than waking up to creaky sore muscles first thing in the morning. (I’m not even being snarky and sarcastic.) It just makes that first morning stretch Oh. So. Delicious.

Brent ran me through a workout yesterday that made my heart beat reverberate through my ears. At one point I wasn’t sure I was ever going to catch my breath. It was awesome.

It was basically a million back squats at varying weights working on form and spending the last fifteen minutes doing as many rounds possible of 250 meter rows and pushing a weighted prowler across the gym and back. Even though it kicked my butt it wasn’t really sexy enough for it’s own blog post. Plus, Brent wouldn’t take pictures for me. He’s a butt head about that sometimes.

It was all for the better, though, because I was so beat for the rest of the day. When I got home I was going to use nap time to write a fascinating blog post for you all but I sat down and got caught up in a really good book instead.

It’s the kind of book that sneaks inside your chest, pulls back a few layers of your heart, snuggles inside and then shoots confetti through your veins. I guess you could say I liked it.

It’s called Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but that is precisely what I do. I’ll scour book stores looking for particularly attractive books that catch my fancy and then place them on hold at the library. Library holds make me so happy. It’s like finding a twenty dollar bill in your coat pocket that you had forgotten about the previous winter. As soon as I started this book I got sucked in and all writing projects were put on hold. Plus, it pairs perfectly with a chocolate zucchini muffin and iced coffee. But then again, what book doesn’t?

I’ve been on a whole baking crusade since my zucchini plants have been producing crazy amounts of produce. I’ll check the plant one night see a few small zucchini, then check the next morning and they’re longer than my arm.


I keep baking and cooking thinking I’ll catch up with the piles of zucchini on my counter only to find a whole new crop the next day.


It’s a losing battle, so Bridget and I made it a game of “Ding Dong Ditch”. We’ll go to a friend’s house, leave a massive zucchini on their porch (and maybe a few muffins), ring the door bell and run like hell giggling the whole way. If this happened to you then that was my love letter to you. You’re welcome.

We’ve all been a little delirious around here because Penelope still isn’t sleeping well. We’ve all handled it different ways.

Bridget has read through the entire series of Harry Potter (again) waiting for school to start…


Brent has taken to drinking and biking…


(He was very proud of his engineering capabilities.)

I gardened and cried… I cry when I’m tired. We’ve established this already.

green enchiladas

I also eat… Hence, the weight loss blog. (Duh.)

Luckily, thanks to my garden, I have a lot of fresh stuff on hand that I feel obligated to use up before it goes bad. My pepper plant no longer looks obscene since it has grown a few more peppers on it. I planted a pepper mix so I have no idea what kind of peppers I’m actually growing. I’m pretty sure they are seranno peppers so I found a recipe to use these suckers up along with an excuse to experiment with tomatillos. I made enchilada suizas and it was delicious! You should check out the link.

Now that I no longer have a book to obsess over and I have completed my obligatory blog post I’m going to take a nap while Penelope is still taking her’s. I’ve gotta catch up on this sleep or I’m going to start hallucinating about gorillas. It happened to a guy once… I read about it in a psychology course.

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