Drag Queen Foot Double

It’s been a little up and down around here. I pretty much spent Sunday kicking ass and Monday sucking ass.

On Sunday Brent put my friend Morgan and I through a tough crossfit workout that involved heavy deadlifts and even heavier prowler pushes. It was the kind of workout that makes you feel like Wonder Woman.

Morgan deadlift

This is Morgan being awesome.

Since my back injury earlier this spring I’ve had to go easy on my deadlifts. It’s been super annoying but I will pretty much do anything to keep from throwing my back out again. During our workout on Sunday we were working up to a one rep max. I knew I had to play it safe so I just slowly added weights until I thought I shouldn’t push it anymore. I didn’t even realize I had lifted 203 pounds until I calculated the weights as I put them away. Needless to say, I felt pretty awesome.

Later on that night I went out with my friend, Andrea, to celebrate my birthday (9 days early). She treated me to a pedicure because it’s not a real birthday celebration unless you’ve had a tiny Vietnamese woman manhandle your hobbit feet. I opted for the most obnoxious shade of pink that I could find in order to hide the fact that I could easily be a foot double for a drag queen…


But looking back at it now I’m pretty sure I just solidified the fact.

Afterwards we went out for margaritas. I can’t even tell you the last time I had a night out. I had so much fun, it was everything I needed.

Then Monday rolled around and Penelope started doing her angry cry at 4:30 in the morning. Brent had to get ready for work so I was on my own. It was at this point that I started to regret all of the fun from the night before.

I had a dull headache that reverberated with each baby whine. I spent the morning trying to figure out what she was so grumpy about but to no avail. I finally realized that there was nothing to be done about it so I went ahead and drove to the local park to go for my scheduled run… Penelope screamed the whole drive there.


After I strapped her into the jogging stroller she calmed down. It was the only time all day that she was perfectly content. I think she’s caught on to the fact that she get’s to play at the park once I’m done running.


The reprieve was short lived because the crying shenanigans kicked in again when it was time to go home for lunch. Until that point, I had almost forgotten that I had a headache.

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry, giving my resume a face lift and wiping the baby hand prints off of my refrigerator. It was fascinating…

I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I’ve decided I need to buckle down and create some feasible weight loss goals that actually have numbers attached to them. I’ll have to share them with you guys tomorrow because it’s now 9:24 p.m. and Penelope is standing in her crib doing her angry cry again. If we’re going to end the day the way we started it I figure I might as well start drinking… I kid. I’m not kidding.

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