Week 33 Weigh-in

Good Morning!!! This morning’s weigh-in is a little late because I was busy doing mom stuff.

Bridget’s school “Meet and Greet” was at 7:30 this morning. So of course I had to take her and her friend for a 6th grade makeover last night…





A few years ago feathers were all the rage now it’s all about Rainbow Bright hair.

Once we found out who Bridget’s teacher was and who was in her class we had donuts while I watched all of the awkward social graces of 6th grade unfold around me.

Now Bridget and I are at home planning our mass organizational overhaul.  We do this every year with the intentions of starting the school year off fresh. I always convince myself that I will be that mom that has her shit together so that I have that kid who is also organized and tidy. But it never happens, neither one of us are very good at it. I think it might be a genetic defect.

Since I have a lot of things on my to-do list I did what I always do… I procrastinated. I did this in the form of admiring my garden.


I think I just had to spend a moment with something that I managed to be successful at (sort of). This was the first year that I actually accomplished my goal of having a garden. I was hoping spending some time with it would inspire me to move towards the rest of my goals. So I took the time to pick some flowers and harvest more of that blasted zucchini.


I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. I have thirty pounds to lose before Thanksgiving, the second half of a book to write, a graduate degree to finish and a house to organize along with making sure my kids don’t end up like me and are so much better at this life business than I am. I’m also hoping to land a freelance writing job… the ticket to my sanity.

This past week has been a free week of sorts. I got caught up in the whole “I’m going to start on Monday” trap that a lot of chubby people get caught up in.

But seriously, I’m starting on Monday… even though my birthday is on Tuesday and my anniversary is on Wednesday. I’ve been celebrating my birthday all this week because that’s how I roll and Brent and I are going to have a date on Sunday since he works on our anniversary.

This leaves me clear to start this new school year off fresh. The first day of school is Monday and I always find that the first day of any new routine is the perfect time to set a precedent for habits. I know when I’m going to grocery shop and plan my meals for the week. I’ve got Penelope’s schedule dialed in. I also have my workout times planned around school and extra curricular activities.

That being said, all of that self celebrating has caused the scale to go up to 193.4. Margaritas and cupcakes will tend to do that to you… even if you do work out like crazy.


It has become blatantly clear that I need to work on my lifting face because that’s just not cute… but it does make me laugh.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the weekend nursing my sore muscles and celebrating ME some more in preparation for the lifestyle overhaul that comes with school starting up again.

(Am I the only mom who is super excited about this?)

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Get ready for weight loss round 2 to commence!

3 thoughts on “Week 33 Weigh-in

  1. Well I am going from a spring/summer indulgence to the find Maegan again fall/winter and forever edition. I weighed in on August 1 at 210 and here on August 16 203.4! I have followed you from stumbling upon your blog through posts from Bryce and Carrie. My husband worked with Bryce at MBU last year. Finally motivated to have my own conquer the scale adventure. I am also joining in on the Friday weigh ins :). I feel when you write this you also live in my world. Thanks for posting all this!

    • That’s awesome Maegan! I can’t wait to hear how your conquer the scale adventure pans out for you on Fridays.

      Sometimes I wonder what all of this sharing does for my poor family, especially the polite members. I’m surprised Bryce and Carrie claim me 🙂

  2. Love the 6TH grade makeovers. Thanks for taking them. It will take at least a week to get used to our new back to the school routine. Good Luck.

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