The First Day and The Neverending Salad

Today was the day, the first day of school! This meant that Bridget and I had to do our ritualistic nail painting the night before…

First Grade:


Sixth Grade:


The color choice hasn’t changed much but the girl sure has…


Brent made the girls breakfast while I whipped up a green smoothie for Bridget to take to school with her. I very thoughtfully left out the chia seeds because nothing says “awkward” like a smile speckled with your breakfast.

She carried it around like an accessory… like she was quite the trend setter. Which was funny because the night before she lamented over our lack of junk food choices. “Ugh, Mom… I’m like not going to have a normal childhood because we don’t even have Goldfish. I mean, you don’t even buy juice.”


I took a few photos of Bridget at our house and then we headed over to her friend’s house where I would drop her off. Last year was the first year that I was forbidden to take her to school. As the four girls walked off together I was seriously tempted to slowly drive my car beside them with the windows rolled down, honking and waving enthusiastically shouting things like, “I LOVE you!”, “You make me SO proud!”, “Are you SURE you’re wearing clean underwear?!”

Luckily for her I didn’t… but not because I’m nice. There was just too much traffic for such shenanigans.

After I dropped her off Penelope and I headed to the park where we had plans to meet our friends for a nice long walk. Walking with my friends is the only way I’m able to get a conversation in without interruption. We ended up walking over 5 miles.

Sunburned and tired I headed home to put Penelope down for nap and eat the neverending salaaaad… (Insert the theme song to the Neverending Story here. If you don’t know it we can’t be friends. Sorry.)


Actually, this song would have been the perfect thing to blast in my car as I slowly followed the girls to school. I could have even sang it out loud for added embarrassment… Next year, maybe.

The salad wasn’t as good as I had imagined. I was supposed to massage the kale with some salt but I apparently didn’t rub it down enough. It seriously took forever to eat.

So as promised, today has been a great start to reaching those goals I had set for myself. I said I would start on Monday and I have. Tomorrow is my birthday so we’ll have to see how strong I am then.

But I’m prepared because I’ve got my workout plans for the week set in stone…

Monday– Walk ‘n talk ( We won’t mention the fact that I was supposed to wake up at 5 to run before dropping Bridget off at school and didn’t.)

Tuesday– Early morning run 8:00 yoga

Wednesday– Spin

Thursday– Yoga

Friday– After school drop off run

Saturday– Spin

Sunday– Yoga

Brent is super busy this week so I won’t be able to do crossfit. I’ve decided to take up yoga in it’s place. I think I need a little namaste in my life anyway.

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