Worst Birthday Ever… Best Start of a New Year

grumpy birthday

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday and it was the worst birthday to date.

I was originally worried that I would have too much of a good time wanting to eat cupcakes and go out to dinner blowing my weight loss plans that I have had laid out.

Oh if only that were how my day went…

Instead, I got the mother of all migraines. I cried and puked my way through the day. It was awesome.

When I get migraines like this I usually go to the hospital but we had Penelope and I wanted to keep her schedule as normal as possible. I didn’t want to keep her up late at night sitting in the ER so I suffered through it.

The pain was so horrible that I started to hold my breath to try to keep the pain at bay. This leads to dizzy spells and I was so out of it by the time night had rolled around I was having anxiety attacks over not being able to breathe if I fell asleep. Every time my breath would grow shallow with sleep I would jolt awake afraid that if I wasn’t awake I wouldn’t breath. And every time that happened my head would pound like my brain was trying to explode out of my ear… I know, I’m such a weirdo.

I ended up taking 5 hot showers to try to get the blasted thing to go away. I would lay curled up in the bottom of the shower wishing someone could just throw a blanket over me so that I could sleep like that. The only time I didn’t feel like I was going to die was when I was under that hot water. I had flashbacks to doing this as a kid when I first started getting migraines.

I finally passed out at some point in the night. I woke up next to the toilet, and then I woke up on my bedroom floor and then finally I woke up in my bed to a much better day. Migraines are like a near death experience. You come out of it feeling so  grateful for the mundane.

As soon as that headache lifted it felt like I was looking at my life through a Technicolor lense. My perspective was vastly improved. I was just. So. Grateful.

Then, to make matters even better I discovered an email that I had missed during the throes of that migraine. It was an email that I had eagerly been waiting for. In that email it has been confirmed that I have officially become a freelance writer… the kind that gets paid. As I browsed through my inbox I also discovered that I had passed the PLACE test. Two things knocked off of my list of long term goals!

The year of 33 started off a lot rockier than I had anticipated (I would have preferred cupcakes) but something tells me that I’ve got some great things in store for the upcoming year and now I’ve got the perspective to fully appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Worst Birthday Ever… Best Start of a New Year

  1. Yay!!!! That is so awesome Nina!!! I used to get migraines all the time then after I got pregnant with Fletcher my hormones changed and I don’t get them nearly as often. I don’t wish them on my own enemies. They are aweful!

  2. Ugh – I’m sorry that your birthday (or any day) was so awful for you!!!
    Glad that you had some happy news in your email!!
    Happy Birthday a little late – I hope this year is a great one!!

  3. So my mom gets awful migraines and has a progressive plan of attack. Little pain, ibuprofen. Full on migraine, Axert. Intense migraine two Axerts doesn’t fix: Vicodin. Multiday migraine: a few days of prednisone, which somehow short circuit it. Her doctor gives her a prescription for the prednisone in advance so she doesn’t have to track one down when she actually has a migraine (since prednisone isn’t some habit forming drug, I doubt your doctor would object to doing this for you). Also, for me when I have a bad headache that ibuprofen doesn’t cure, I keep this bad boy in my freezer: http://www.target.com/p/therapearl-reusable-eye-ssential-hot-cold-mask/-/A-14535507

  4. Yay! Congrats on your grade, that is awesome!! And Happy Happy Birthday to you! Sorry to hear you felt so crappy on your special day. Thank goodness for the fresh start tomorrow can bring 🙂

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