The Pumpkin Who Lived


Good news everyone, I’m not a brat anymore!

Okay, so that’s still debatable… but I’m definitely through with feeling sorry for myself. Phew! Good thing, because being super negative is actually quite tedious.

I woke up this morning determined to run until that whiny attitude went away because I was seriously getting on my own nerves. It didn’t take long. I mean seriously, how can you pout when you’ve got such a cute running partner?


We went to Barnes and Noble afterward for a little playtime reward for being so good during the run. Her not me. That run actually sucked because I wasn’t really feeling it until near the end. (Thank you endorphins!) While we were in B&N I grabbed an iced coffee and continued my workout in the form of chasing Penelope around the store. She thought it was awesome.

When we got home I cleaned all of the things I hate to clean (because I never clean them.) I quickly decided I needed to do a better job at this home maker business so I went on a Pinterest search for a cleaning schedule to help guide my unruliness…

cleaning schedule

This schedule was the only one I found that didn’t make me want to shoot myself. However, I’m still not sure what a “swing” day is. I’m pretty sure that’s something Brent and I aren’t really into.

It didn’t take long for me to lose interest. I decided that unruliness was the perfect way to go. Instead, I found myself distracted by the other shiny objects that you can find on Pinterest.

Like this delightful little swing I could spend an entire afternoon on…


Maybe I’m willing to be a swinger after all 😉

Or this beach that I would love to get lost on…


Or this Harry Potter mug that makes me so happy…


Speaking of Harry Potter, I have discovered in the aftermath of that hail storm that one of my pumpkin plants looks like it might actually live! It’s even got a little pumpkin on it, clinging on to dear life…


If this little guy makes it I’ll carve a lightening bolt on it’s forehead and call it The Pumpkin Who Lived!


All of the leaves that were ripped off of the trees during that storm are dying and as I was walking through it that beautiful Fall smell that I love so much was kicked up and wafting through the air. It triggered that giddy gut feeling of anticipation and before I knew it a giggle ripped through my mouth before I could restrain it.

This happened shortly after I had a conversation with my little Harry Potter pumpkin. My neighbors have got to think I’m losing it… who knows maybe I am. But it doesn’t matter because suddenly I was reminded of all of the things I’ve got to look forward to.

Then, I was also reminded of the tight jeans and sweaters that are on the horizon. So I went inside and planned out the meals I need to make to stay on track this week 😉 I’ll share them with you as the week progresses.

2 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Who Lived

  1. Fall makes me giddy too! I woke up this morning to a low humidity with lots of sunshine and I enjoyed the time spent out on my deck, just thinking about the beauty of fall. 🙂 ..And then later it was 86 degrees which reminds me it’s still August here in the south. Soon!

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