Week 35 Weigh-in and the Tenacious Garden


Well, hello!

I tend to try to do my weigh-in posts first thing in the morning right after I wake up just to get it over with but Penelope had more interesting tricks up her sleeves instead.  She woke up with a tummy ache so I spent the morning changing diaper after diaper.  Then I dropped Bridget off  at school only to return home for more diaper doody… heh get it? DOODY?!

Right… I’ll stop.

For the record I did not just Google “doody as in poop” to see if I spelled it right, yes i did.

Other than the whole diarrhea debacle, this morning has actually been pretty great. My new Macbook Air was delivered!


I was super excited about it’s arrival. However, I wasn’t too thrilled about my husband taking a picture of me pre-shower and posting it on Facebook.  That’s not really a smile, that’s me baring my teeth as if to say, “Do it, I dare you.”

He did.

Shortly after playing with my new toy Penelope and I decided to go outside and water the remnants of our garden sans pants.


Well… I wore pants, she did not. What was the use? I was going to have to change another diaper any minute anyway. Plus, I come from a long line of white trash so I was just representing.

As we walked through the garden that got destroyed last week we got a good long look at the precious gems that decided to make a come back against all odds. I was so thrilled to see that we still have strawberries, pumpkins and peppers!


…and I might have found the source for her tummy ache.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about the prospect of still having a pumpkin patch! Fall is well on it’s way and I JUST. CAN’T. WAIT!

I’m usually over the whole summer thing when the pools close down. What’s the use of sweating involuntarily? That’s just gross.

Speaking of sweating, I’ve gone on quite a few good runs this week despite the mommy meltdown. I’ve got everything in check and I feel so good I can’t even tell you.

When I weighed in this morning I was not expecting a very good number. I’ve been running on empty and the stress was sure to wreak havoc on the scale. Plus, I was pretty sure I could feel the extra fat accumulating on my butt and I could feel it jiggle as I ran.

This might have just been all in my mind because in reality I have everything but a butt. This was confirmed when I stepped on the scale and it read 193.6. I’m still annoyed at the stalled progress but I know it’s only a matter of time. I needed to have that meltdown. It was like a reset button for my brain.

Here’s the way I see it… If my garden can make a come back after getting beaten to hell then I can too!

3 thoughts on “Week 35 Weigh-in and the Tenacious Garden

  1. I knew the garden would rise again! Nobody keeps Nina’s pumpkins down….not even grumpy ol’ Mother Nature.

    UH – by the way, fellow winter hater, have you seen the Farmer’s Almanac prediction for this winter? Let’s just say the Party Bus to Ecuador is departing October 1st. I will swing by and pick you up on my way out of town.

  2. Look how far you’ve come!!!! Even maintaining a lower weight can be difficult. Enjoy small successes and the weekend!!!

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