Week 36 Weigh-in


Today is weigh-in day! I must say this is the first time in a few weeks where I wasn’t dreading it. I weighed in at 190 on the dot.

This morning was busy. I had to get up early and head over to a coffee shop to get some writing done before a meeting that I had scheduled. It was a conference call so I wore my most attractive workout gear so that I was ready to workout right afterward. And by attractive I mean I wore one of my husband’s t-shirts that smells like his deodorant no matter how thorough I wash it. (Is it strange that I’m attracted to the smell of Old Spice?)

The call ran over a bit so I was late. However, that didn’t stop me from being a bad ass for about thirty minutes…


Told you that shirt was attractive, puke green never looked so good!

The workout we did entailed pushing around tractor tires and… well, each other. There was also lots of sprinting which I love because it reminds me of the old days when I played soccer. I may be chubby but I’m still pretty fast. In fact, I’m so fast you can’t even get a picture of me doing it. Check out this photo of me looking like one of the Incredibles.


Okay, so maybe the real reason I’m blurry is because this was taken with my phone which sucks. But the upside to having a crappy phone is that someone turns it in every time you to lose it. Every. Time. (Even if I kind of wish they wouldn’t.) But it’s all for the best because my job does kind of depend upon it for those conference calls.

I’ve been focusing on balancing all aspects of my life this week. I’m a freelance writer, a grad student and a mom. Everything that I do is from home so I’ve been struggling with making boundaries. I still struggle with designating times where I focus on the task at hand instead of trying to do it at the same time. I want to be present with my girls and make sure that the time I spend with them is quality. I also have to carve out time to get all of my work done which usually depends on me leaving the house and everyone in it.


And don’t forget those weight loss goals!

It’s my goal to weigh 180 by the end of September. I’m determined to make that happen. My motivation is at an all time high. I’ve got this strange competitive fire in my belly that I used to get when I played sports. It’s a gut feeling that urges me to push harder because I don’t want to be beat.  Deep down it tells me that if I just try harder I can conquer anything that comes me way and it challenges me to dream of going beyond the land of good enough and into the land of the great.

I’m not just talking about weight loss, though that’s part of it. I’m talking about becoming the person I’ve always dreamed I would be. It doesn’t just happen over night without putting forward effort. Thinking about it doesn’t make it happen but doing something about it does. So that’s where I’m at… I’m doing something.

What about you? Are you the person you always thought you would be? If so congratulations!!!

6 thoughts on “Week 36 Weigh-in

  1. I’m hoping at some point to be the woman I think I should be, lol. In the meantime I’m trying to get my business going full gear so I have enough income to qualify for possibly adopting 🙂 Soooo if you know anyone wanting their dog groomed, I will knock $5 off their appt and $5 off your next one (for every person you send it will be $5)….so u could have a half priced grooming if u have a few friends w/dogs! 🙂

  2. I’m hoping to reach my weight loss goal. I use your blog as added inspiration to keep pushing forward. Thank you for sharing your progress.

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