Week 40 Weigh-in with Before and After Pictures


Well, hello there folks! It’s the last Friday of the month. You know what that means…

It’s time to for me to wear that ridiculous pink tank top and those blue shorts that my butt insists on eating for my monthly pictures. It also means that I get to post my weight for the world to see. Every girls dream come true.

Okay, let’s get to it! I’m going to try to keep this brief because it’s nap time during a deliciously rainy day and I’m in a hurry to snuggle up in a corner of my house, drink some hot tea and read a book meant for adolescents with a plot centering around the perils of being in love with something supernatural. It’s called Beautiful Creatures. Don’t worry… I’ve read plenty of classics so there is no threat of brain rot.

Anyway, today I stepped on the scale and it read 185.2. I’m not thrilled with the number but I am enjoying the way my clothes are fitting these days. Plus, I should congratulate myself on a 40 pound weight loss!

The down side is that I made a goal to weigh 180 by today and I’ve missed the mark by 5 pounds… boooo. (That’s an angry crowd boo not a scary boo.)

Let’s look at the photos shall we? I’ll compare them to my first before and after picture so you can see the difference.




It’s an average loss of a pound a week. Slow and steady.. but at the same time I haven’t felt deprived an any way shape or form. I’ve been living under this motto because I believe it’s the only way to live…


How did you guys do? Are you still hanging in there with me?

8 thoughts on “Week 40 Weigh-in with Before and After Pictures

  1. Wow! You look great! I can totally see the definition in your arms and legs. I want your hamstrings!! Whatever you’re doing is obviously working! And I LOVE that Ernest Hemingway quote. I recently read this in a magazine: “Sometimes I fuel my body, other times I feed my soul, because pleasure is also a part of a healthy lifestyle”. I can’t remember the author, but how true is this?

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! I am stuck. 😦 30 pounds to lose. Been working out 45 minutes a day (jogging and weights) for 5-6 days a week for the past 3 1/2 weeks. Nothing!!! Very frustrated. I’m also using my fitness pal app and eating 1200 calories a day. What gives??!
    -frustrated mommy stuck in a fat suit

    • I hear you sister. Keep working out and eat the amount of calories that you are supposed to eat to reset your metabolism. You’re probably going into starvation mode. This will reset your body to trick it into thinking all is well. Then the week after either carb cycle or cycle your calorie intake. This keeps things revved up. But most importantly don’t give up! You’ve got this!

      • By amount your supposed to eat I mean eat the amount of calories that are required to maintain your current weight. For me that would be around 2300.

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