Week 43 Weigh-in

Well, hello there. Guess who got some sleep and is a little less crazy now? This girl! I can’t tell you how good I felt getting out of bed today even if it was at 5:00 in the morning.

Despite the fact that we were thoroughly sleep deprived over the weekend we still managed to pack in some family fun.


Including carving pumpkins while listening to the Cardinals game on the radio. Which was Brent’s idea. We don’t have cable so he can’t watch the games so Brent was looking for something to do during that time. Carving pumpkins was the perfect solution. Only, every time Bridget and I started to make small talk he would shush us which was pretty annoying but we forgive him. Baseball season is a very emotional time for him so we do our best to support him.


Which usually means the girls have to wear their Cardinals gear during game days. This has been traumatic for Bridget who was terrified to take her shirt off so that she could take a bath when she was little because she didn’t want to be responsible for the Cardinals losing. We’ll add that to the list of things she’ll talk about in therapy due to our parenting.

For our fun family night Brent requested potato soup. Initially, I didn’t want to make it because I was super tired but it turned out SO good. It wasn’t the worst recipe out there because it didn’t use heavy cream and it was made from scratch but it wasn’t the healthiest either.


I also might have had to sip on a bunch some of these while I made dinner…


And I might have also made some pumpkin bread because I was feeling festive. I just couldn’t stop myself!


I’m glad I did though because as the weekend progressed Penelope was feeling worse and refused to eat everything… except pumpkin bread. (But can you blame her?)

By the time Sunday rolled around I was deliriously tired in case you didn’t notice from my previous post. It was cold and rainy so Bridget and I thought it was perfect for a movie night. I had hardly eaten anything all day because I was too scatter brained to pull anything together. That evening I was craving carbs like crazy (my typical reaction to not sleeping) so I made us each a bowl of garlic butter spaghetti with herbs spinach along with some pan seared chicken.


This wasn’t the best choice for an evening meal. But it was better than ordering take out and it only took a few minutes to make. It. Was. Perfect. Bridget and I snuggled under thick warm blankets and ate this while we watched Forest Gump. One of my all time favorite movies… it was even better because Bridget had never seen it before…

“Tom Hanks? He sounds familiar, is he famous?”

“They had Apple way back in 1993?”

“Sweet Home Alabama was even a song then?”

We both were amazed that I had watched it in a History class during 8th grade. Boy have times changed!

Anyway, that was all of the crap I ate over the weekend. So I cringed when I stepped on the scale today… I weighed in at 186. Not too shabby considering the circumstances! To make matters even better everything was back to normal. So I downed some eggs and headed to the gym where I did some heavy back squats and some sprints on the treadmill. I totally kicked my own ass.


I did thirty-second sprints with a minute of rest for 15 minutes… my lungs are still burning. Once Bridget get’s out of school I’m going to go for a longer run once it gets warmer out.

Since I went crazy on the carbohydrates over the weekend I’m cutting back a bit for the remainder of the week. When I got home from the gym I had an apple and some almonds and for lunch I made a delicious chicken taco salad made with light ranch dressing mixed with salsa topped with a little bit of cheddar, guacamole and tomatoes.


So far this week is off to a much better start! How did your weekend go?

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