This Weird Weekend I’ve Had

I’m having a really hard time talking to you today because I’ve got a lot on my mind and I can’t talk about any of it. That’s the whole problem with writing a blog centered on being authentic and honest. It’s moments like these when I really wish I had painted my life in a light that doesn’t exist so that you could all feel jealous of how perfect I was and be left with that sinking feeling of inadequacy.

That’s what bloggers are supposed to do because then you feel compelled to read the crap they put out in a lame attempt at achieving that unattainable life. Only it’s unattainable so you keep reading, chasing the image you have in your head like a dog chases his tail.

While all of you are out there doing that I’m being the weird dog in the corner scratching his butt on the carpet. Have you ever looked at a dog’s face while he scratched his butt on the carpet?

If you haven’t you should see it because 1) it makes me laugh, 2) I’m pretty sure that’s the look I’ve been making all weekend long. To make matters worse I just Googled “Dog Scratching Butt on Carpet” to find something to reiterate my point. And I just watched a video that was one minute and twenty-nine seconds long that contained a compilation of dogs rubbing their bums on the floor to what I’m pretty sure is the same piece of classical music I used to walk down the aisle with during my wedding.

Did you know that my bridal portrait ended up on a billboard in the seedy part of Denver without me even knowing about it. True Story…


Brent just so happened to see it on his way to a Bronco’s game.

That’s just one of the bazaar occurrences of my life. I’ve had several, but one of the most bazaar happened this weekend and I can’t even tell you about it. But I had to get it off of my chest so I decided to talk about the anomaly of dog butt scratching instead leaving all of my feelings on this weird weekend I’ve had written in code in the blog post you’ve just read.

Now, you probably feel like I did after I wasted one minute and twenty-nine seconds watching that stupid video, but guess what? I feel better now so thanks for that 🙂

4 thoughts on “This Weird Weekend I’ve Had

  1. you completely hit the nail on the head about why i cant read certain blogs anymore. some of these bloggers seem able to do it all and then some and i was wondering why it bothered me so much. thanks for making me feel more normal…i love your blog.

  2. I used to have a blog (well still do – it’s just on hiatus right now) and that is part of the reason I took it down. I am boring most of the time because I’m locked into the wheel of – motherhood, work, motherhood, work, motherhood…yeahhhhh…it wasn’t very interesting at all, and I don’t have time for crafts and the other crap everyone else seems to have time for which made me feel inferior.
    That is AWESOME that you are famous! I will wave if I ever drive by the sign.

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