See also ‘piestist’, and a ‘saint’

I never knew how much I measured my quality of life based off of how productive I was until now. Ever since Daylight Savings time reared her ugly head into my life I’ve been in hibernation mode and I’ve been beating myself up about it ever since.

I was dished the good ol’ one two punch with Daylight Savings time what a bitch and the cold from hell. I’ve tried all week to get it together because I had a million papers to write after Penelope went to bed… at what felt like 9:00. I’ve been playing catch up on everything because apparently the laundry doesn’t get done and nobody eats unless I’m on my A-game.


We hit rock bottom last night when I heated up microwave meals for the girls for dinner while I feasted on a glass of red wine paired with a mini bag of M&M’s. Red wine and chocolate are known for their antioxidant powers you know…

The antioxidants must have  worked because so far today has been different. After nine loads of laundry, I managed to finish an essay and do some much needed grocery shopping. All of this productivity put me in the happiest mood.

Usually around this time of year while I’m out shopping I’m drawn to the holiday goodies that start crowding the shelves the day after Halloween is over. I can’t really be mad about this obnoxious need to celebrate Christmas for 1/3 of the year because my phone text messaging notification as been set to “Frosty The Snowman” since last Christmas. I blame this on my technological ineptitude instead of my never-ending Christmas cheer. 

Anyway, while I was shopping today I marched my happy butt past the holiday goodies and headed straight for the produce. Turns out you can be super festive with seasonal produce. (Don’t make fun of me, it’s true.) Have you ever noticed how gorgeous pomegranates are? They look like little jewels and when you put them in your mouth the pop and burst in your mouth.


After I unloaded my groceries and took pictures of them because that’s perfectly normal I went for a run for the first time since I got this blasted cold.

It felt so good… but hurt so bad. Unfortunately I forgot to bring tissues with me and the further I ran away from home the more urgently I needed to blow my nose. I finally decided to get creative and blow my nose in a leaf. It didn’t work out as well as I had envisioned in my head because I ended up spending the rest of my run with snot and dried leaf stuck to my face.

It was all good though because I was listening to my sexy girl station on Pandora so I ran with swagger anyway… So, I guess it’s safe to say that Nina’s got her groove back.

However, I’m grateful for my respite because I watched more TV than usual and found an awesome show called “Reign” about Mary Queen of Scots. I bet she ate pomegranates because that just seems like something royalty would do. There is actually debate about whether or not the pomegranate was the original forbidden fruit. Chew on that for a bit while you jam out to the song Bridget and I have bonded over for the past few months although the video is anticlimactic.

3 thoughts on “See also ‘piestist’, and a ‘saint’

  1. I love your writing style! I laughed so much imagining you blowing your nose on a leaf and the aftermath…duly noted to not repeat that action if I ever run with a cold! But I’m such a wimp and probably wouldn’t, so good on ya girl. Glad you had a wonderful productive day, 9 loads of laundry?! I just…I can’t imagine. If you have time, please check out my blog =)

  2. You can’t be a runner without knowing how to blow your nose sans tissues. Block one nostril , bend at the waist with wind direction headed away from your body and BLOW! During the olympics, I believe they also vomit and pee on the run but I can’t help you there.

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