“Oh fork!”

WARNING: The following post has not been edited, so if you find typos just know that I know… well, I don’t know yet. But I will find out soon enough and it will eventually bug me bad enough that I will inevitably have to correct it. 

Okay folks, I’ve gotta keep this short because technically I’m supposed to be in bed right now resting up for my big day tomorrow.

I weighed in for the first time after holidays and the scale said 190.2… wah, wah, wahhhh. (That’s not a baby crying but the noise you hear on tv shows when things don’t turn out right.) Honestly, I wasn’t surprised, I could tell there was a little more lovin’ in the love handle area lately.

Plus, it doesn’t really matter because I’m about to embark on a 16 week journey of pure self discipline. Tomorrow is my first day of student teaching which lasts… (you guessed it!) 16 weeks. New habits are going to have to be formed anyway in order to make this time go smoothly so I thought I might as well tighten up on my healthy habits while I’m at it.

Today was a cold snowy day but I only lingered in my jammies drinking coffee long enough to plan out my meals and workouts for the week.


It wasn’t quite as relaxing as it looks because Sesame street was blaring on the computer and Penelope was in her high chair screaming, “Oh fork!” Only fork sounds like F**k when she says it… (Don’t even ask her to say fox because you will get the same word choice.)

I made the mistake of planning, shopping and prepping in the same day. Then I realized that I needed to pack everything for Penelope’s day out, my day out and write a blog post about all of the prepping I did. Oh Fork!

But for real, I did the prepping this time…


Oh man, look at the time! I better hurry up…

Workout Schedule:

Monday– off

Tuesday- 4 a.m. yoga (found a “class” on hulu)

Wednesday- off

Thursday- 4 a.m. gym time: 3 x 5 back squat, 15 min treadmill sprints, elliptical 30 min.

Friday- 4 a.m. gym time: 3 x 5 push press, 2 mile jog

Saturday- Plan A: Outdoor run if the weather permits Plan B: afternoon gym time: 3 x 5 deadlift, 20 min HIIT cardio, elliptical 30 min

Sunday- off

Planned Meals:

(To help save money I’ve decided to go meatless the days that Brent is at the fire station.)

Monday- Harvest wild rice skillet

Tuesday- Butternut squash and spinach lasagna rolls

Wednesday- Brent’s night to cook

Thursday- meal from the freezer (Bridget has swim and guitar so it’s a super busy night)

Friday- Date night dinner (Yay!)

Saturday- Italian Chicken (You should click on the link it looks way more delicious than it sounds.)

Prep Work:

Shred brussels sprouts for lunch salads

peel and chop butternut squash

 cook wild rice

make butternut squash sauce

assemble lasagna rolls

wash, chop and massage kale for lunch salads… (yes, I said massage it.)

Sheesh! Look at the time, I could have stayed up to watch the Downton Abbey premiere after all.

So, I’m still figuring out how I’m going to fit this blogging business into this crazy life. My plan is to have my weigh-in posts on Sundays along with my meal plans and workout schedules. Ideally I would like to post this early in the morning just in case you needed a little motivation in the meal planning department. But I’m still working on the whole organization thing so bear with me, m’kay?

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Wish me luck for tomorrow as I walk into middle school for the first time all over again… yikes!

3 thoughts on ““Oh fork!”

  1. I hope your day is going well!! It’ll all fall into place…with a lil practice. 😉
    You got this!!!

  2. Good luck with everything Nina! I know transitions and change can be super stressful when you are juggling being a mommy, wife, and everything else, BUT, somehow I have a feeling you will pull through it just great! Cheering you on from Oregon! 😀 Shannon

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