Weekly Weigh-in and Meal Plans (kind of)


Good Morning!

I woke up at 5 again this morning. It only made sense because I passed out at 8. I’m seeing a really lame pattern here.

Brent was getting ready to leave for work and when I walked into the kitchen he looked at me like I was a weirdo…

It actually made for a perfect morning because I got to meal plan and make my grocery shopping list before Penelope woke up. Who knows, if I get this blog post done on time I might even make it to yoga this morning.

I’m still struggling with balancing everything out but I’ll get there eventually.

When I woke up I did my obligatory weigh-in and the scale said 188.2. Things got a little out of hand during the holidays… I’m waiting for my next milestone of being in the 170’s. I’m so sick of seeing my numbers linger in the 180’s!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to just buckle down and try really hard to maintain a healthy balance during these next four months of student teaching. If I pack healthy meals during school, make healthy dinners at home and continue to work out I should lose a good amount of weight when I’m done at the end of April… Just in time for swimsuit weather! I’m so glad I decided to do my student teaching during the winter months based on the fact that it’s yucky outside.  That way I won’t really miss any prime playing outside weather. My goal is to weigh in the 160’s by the time that I’m done with student teaching.

It’s not going to be easy and I’m going to be tempted to throw excuses your way. So keep an eye out for that and call me on it m’kay?

In order to avoid the excuses I’ve been planning my butt off. But guess what? There is such a thing as over planning…. well, at least in my book there is. Over this past week I’ve decided that anal retentive planning doesn’t work for me because I’m a brat and change my mind throughout the week.

That being said, there is a need for planning, just not the crazy kind.

So instead of picking a meal for each day of the week. I have decided to pick out four meals that I can make throughout the week with a mental list of which meal would work best for what day of the week depending on extra curricular activities and such. This leaves room for opting for leftovers if the need arrises. Or making something on a whim based off of what I’m craving. (If I keep junk out of my house this won’t become dangerous.) I’ve also done the same thing for packing lunches.

Here are my lunch ideas:

Here are my dinner ideas:

I’m still struggling with scheduling my workouts. I’m even contemplating doing workout videos. UGACK! (That’s me gagging.) I hate those things, the music alone makes me want to cry not to mention the witty banter… eeew! BUT I’ve got to do something or I might eat my young or even possibly the youth I teach. (That wouldn’t look so good on a resume.)

Can’t wait for the days to get longer and warmer so that I can take my workout buddies (Penelope and Scout) for long runs again 😦 Oh summer come to me!!!

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