Some Issues To Attend To


Sooo, remember that one time when I told you that I kept having a bunch of stuff go wrong but I didn’t care because I was just so happy to finally be doing my student teaching?

Well, I hit my limit on Sunday when Brent drove to the mountain with my car keys.

I had just finished my blog post and was just about to go grocery shopping when I realized that my key was gone. I was already a little on edge wondering how I was going to finish all of the stuff on my to-do list when the shit hit the fan.

Brent was an hour and a half away from us and wouldn’t be making his way home again until Tuesday morning… I freaked.

Penelope immediately picked up on my mood and freaked too. So during a nice calm Sunday morning two cry babies had at it in my living room where we were both in full on melt down mode.

Luckily, our friend who lives in the mountains was making his way down to Denver for the Bronco game and brought the key with him. He was in a hurry to get where he was going so I needed to find a ride to meet him so he wouldn’t have to go out of his way. The meeting time was in the middle of Penelope’s nap. This really sucked because I had a lot of school work that I needed to get done while she slept. That’s when my friend KJ came to the rescue.

She was originally supposed to give me a ride but she lives a block away from me and volunteered to take time out of her Sunday to get the key for me and just bring it to me so I could let Penelope sleep.

This isn’t the first time KJ has rescued me. We don’t have family near by so she has been called on in emergency matters more than once.

  • Like the time I had a migraine while Brent was at work and needed to go to the ER. KJ held my hair while I silent puked in an awkward plastic bag. (It’s true… I can puke without making a sound. It’s a gift.)
  • Or that one time when I was super pregnant and about to deliver Penelope and had to escape to her house for a while because I was afraid I might murder my husband. I had sent him to the store to buy me Gatorade because I was sick and dehydrated. He forgot the Gatorade and brought home beer instead.
  • There was also this other time she took me to the ER (again) when I got something stuck in my eye. It was an exfoliating bead from my exfoliating face wash. Turns out exfoliating your eyeball is a really bad idea.

But none of that is important. The point is KJ is a saint, always dealing with my shenanigans and bailing me out of stuff leaving me to wonder why she even wants to be my friend.

When KJ showed up on my doorstep not only was she holding my car key but she also brought me this bouquet of flowers to cheer me up. (She may or may not have heard my meltdown over the phone.)


It totally turned my day around. I got all of my school work done, I did a ton of laundry, I cuddled with my kids and I went grocery shopping during the Bronco game which meant I pretty much had the store to myself (awesome!). I just knew that my unlucky streak was over and that this week all of the kinks were going to be worked out. I was so ready for the week ahead.

When this morning rolled around I felt especially rested. That’s when I realized my alarm didn’t go off.

Apparently, I have some serious issues I need to attend to…

3 thoughts on “Some Issues To Attend To

  1. I only tell you this to make you laugh….
    When my oldest was 18 months old, I went out to put his daycare stuff in the car (he followed me thankfully) because I locked myself out of the house. Neither one of us were wearing shoes and none of the “nice” neighbors were home so I had to go use the phone at a neighbor’s house down the street. Well they didn’t have a cordless phone so I had to go IN their house and they were HOARDERS. Nina, I sh!t you not…they could be on that show. There was cat poop and trash everywhere. So I am calling my husband to come and rescue me and my son is screaming, “Mommy! LOOK! POOP, POOP POOP POOP POOP! Poop STINKY!”

    He was to far away so he sent his mom to unlock the house. I got everything in the car, turned to thank her for coming to rescue me and she said, “I locked my keys in my car.” BAH!


  2. Wow – your friend/neighbor KJ sounds like a true friend – glad you have had someone to help you when you needed it.
    And that story above about the hoarders is funny and scary at the same time!

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