Good News… Bad News

Good News- I have sore muscles.

Bad News- The sore muscle actually resides in my jaw… from eating an entire bag of gummy bears while I frustratingly tried to figure out how to compile all of my course work for my grad class.

Good News- My students loved the giraffe shirt I wore on Friday. I over heard one girl say, “OMG! I would wear that.”

Bad News- I wore it to hide the muffin top that was escaping over the waistband of my pants. Plus, I’m not so sure it’s a good thing that I have the same sense of style as many of my 8th grade students. More bad news… they didn’t even notice my quotation mark earrings. There was an ongoing debate in our house on whether they were actually cool or not. Brent thought I was a dork. Bridget thought I was cool.

These fashion choices I’ve been making have just confirmed that I really am like Cam from Modern Family. I’m seriously tempted to buy a treble clef sweater just so that I can wiggle my hips and say…


“Here comes treble!”

This would be even more ridiculous because I’m not a music teacher.

Good News- I finally got to watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Bad News- I drank a whole bottle of wine while I did it. Well… actually I split a bottle of wine with a friend (but I’m pretty sure I drank more than she did.)

Good News- I split a bottle of wine with my friend and then snuggled under blankets on her super cozy couch while I wore my super stretchy yoga pants and drank hot tea after we ran out of the wine. It was a perfect girl’s night in.

Good News- I got all of my course work done on Saturday so that I could relax and spend the remainder of the weekend spending quality time with my family.

Bad News- It took me about ten hours to complete the assignments not including all of the time I spent in the classroom. This also did not include all of the research time it took to figure out what exactly was expected of me on the assignment since the expectations have somehow exploded and have been scattered among the course modules leaving hints here and there as to what they actually want me to do. More bad news… I got a zero on the assignment for not adding an important component that wasn’t even mentioned on the assignment but could be found in a random link hidden within the coursework.

(Now do you see where the gummy bears came in?)

Good News- I later found out that the zero wasn’t a permanent grade. More good news I was so angry about my grade I turbo cleaned my entire house while mumbling things to myself about how much I hate this class. This resulted in a clean house in about fifteen minutes. That left me plenty of time to take Penelope out to the park so that we could play.


It was so beautiful outside! It was actually a perfect day for a run so that’s exactly what I did.

Bad News- My husband knows this is how I react when I’m angry. So I’m pretty sure he pisses me off on purpose just so that he can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Good News- Brent and Penelope get to spend a ton of quality time together now that I’m gone all day during the week.

Bad News- This is what I come home to…


I’m not even kidding, I actually had to go to the neighborhood bar to pick up the jolly roger flag that he left there by mistake.

Bad News- I forgot today was Sunday and that I was supposed to do my weekly weigh-in. That means I have to tell you how much I weigh after drinking a gallon of water and eating a massive sandwich for lunch. I just took a break from typing to step on the scale and I just found out that I weigh 191.6. That’s more bad news.

Bad News- I just caught myself making up excuses…

Good News- There’s always tomorrow!

Today while I was out running with Penelope in the jogging stroller I came to a conclusion. I’m going to have to just put aside all of the mommy guilt I harbor throughout the week about not wanting to leave the kids to workout after I get out of school. I need that time to myself to unwind after a long day in the classroom before jumping right in to my other responsibilities. Plus, I’m much nicer if I can work the crazy out. After all, this whole process is about finding balance and at the moment I am anything but balanced.

So for the remainder of the week the plan is to go for a run every day after school with Penelope in the jogging stroller. Then when I’m done with my run we’ll spend some quality time at the park before I go home to cook dinner. If it happens to be too cold to run outside I’ll just go to the gym where I’ll lift weights and do 20 minutes of HIIT cardio.

I’m at a point where I can’t over think things and come up with elaborate workouts because I’m just too busy for that. I simply just have to move.

I really miss all of the cross fit workouts Brent used to put me through but he’s too busy trying to catch up with his clients in the evenings because he’s with Penelope all day. When student teaching is over, I’ll see if I can convince him to do it again 😉

Bad News- Nap time is almost over and I didn’t use that time to just sit and relax.

Good News- It’s a three day weekend so I have plenty more time on my hands.

Hope you have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Good News… Bad News

  1. I just got through reading several of your posts as I sit in my twin boys room trying to get them to fall asleep and I just want to tell you, you are hilarious and a fabulously witty writer. Thanks for that 🙂 I needed a smile today. Good luck with this health journey you’re on!

  2. I love that “here comes treble!”. It only happened once, but I can just imagine how you felt, heart dropped kind of thing, where I got a no pass on a course that was really worth nothing but you still needed it to go onto the next year. I was in such tears as the course instructor was a raging BIT38 and so first I had this email to her that was not sounding nice, but I let myself cool down and responded differently, but to this day that course was the only thing I ever truly failed.

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