Viking Girl Problems

Okay folks, I’ve gotta keep it snappy!

I’ve got sleepy time tea to drink and some trash TV to watch. My weekend officially ends in 2.5 hours when I pass out on my couch with my mouth gaping wide open at 8:30 sharp… I’ve got to live it up while I can.

In other words, I’ve been kind of lame lately.


I guess you could say I’ve been living in the third row… I’m not a third row kind of girl so I’m counting down the days until I graduate so I can have a life again. I’ve only got six more weeks to go so I just have to hang on for a little bit longer.

Brent and I have decided to have a nice romantic getaway during the last week of April in order to celebrate. This has given me even more motivation to shape up during the seven week challenge. When I weighed in this morning I weighed 186.8. Not quite the 2 pounds I had aimed for but pretty good considering how exhausted I was this week due to the cold I had caught.  The really good news is that I found out today that I now officially weigh less than my husband does viking girl problems.

Brent has put on a little weight during his stint as Mr. Mom on his days off. He says it’s muscle… I say it’s the stay-at-home “mom” curse.

Since I was sick, the beginning of my weekend didn’t really pan out the way I had hoped it would. I had to pass on a girl’s night out on Saturday because my throat and head were hurting so bad. It had been something I was looking forward to for a long time so I was pretty bummed. When I woke up this morning I was still tired and in the worst mood. Despite my protests, Brent forced me to get out of the house because he had signed up for the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser to help raise money for childhood cancer. It took place next to my favorite book store so we went early, grabbed a cup of coffee and hung out for a bit.


I wanted to wear my glasses because my eyes were watery and itchy and that’s what people wear to book stores but somebody had beaten me to them…


This certain somebody also cracked my phone earlier in the week when she decided to try to make a photo documentary about our getting ready routine at five in the morning…


When I had informed her that the shoot was a wrap she heaved it across the room. Apparently, she’s not much of a morning person.

Anyway, the last day of my weekend turned out perfect. The weather was perfect, the event was perfect and in all of the excitement I forgot that I felt like crap.



Brent managed to raise nearly $1000 for the cause!

Shortly afterward we headed home so that Penelope could take a nap. While she did that Bridget and I decided to go shopping for running shoes. I’ve been wearing the same running shoes for the past year and a half but recently it’s been hurting my hips. I run quite a bit so I was way over due.


This was an impromptu shopping trip so I didn’t come equipped for the occasion. I always go to Boulder Running Company because they help you pick your shoes according to your gait. This means that they video you running on a treadmill to see how the shoes work out for you. If I had planned better I would have worn a sports bra. I tried holding my boobs nonchalantly while I ran hoping the other patrons didn’t notice what I was doing, but I don’t think it was very effective.

I did however, find a new pair of shoes! As soon as Bridget and I got home from our shopping trip we went for a run to test them out.


Sure, this picture looks great and all but the reality is… by the end of the run I wanted to drop kick all three of my kids (Scout came along too). Bridget was running on the sidewalk behind me and ran into me every time Scout decided to stop and pee or when Penelope threw her stuffed animal out of her stroller. What I really needed was a moment to myself but I had worked 58 hours the previous week so I felt bad leaving them behind.

Besides, we’re going to have to get used to this arrangement because it’s the only way I’m going to fit in workouts until student teaching is over. For the sake of my children’s safety and my sanity let’s hope we get used to running together.

How was your weekend, any big plans for St. Patty’s day?

5 thoughts on “Viking Girl Problems

  1. Oh my gosh Penelope’s cheeks! So cute I can’t even stand it. I am sitting here giggling to myself…my 13 yr. old son goes running with me sometimes and I almost always have the thought “Ok, this is counter productive, next time I am going alone!” He likes to side-swipe my feet with his feet because he stays way too close to my side. And totally does the whole bump right into me if I stop. However, the following day I always remember the chat we had (which are far and few between these days) and the little annoyances don’t matter much. Oh! And I am following along with you because my goal is to lose 2 lbs. per week by our 10 year wedding anniversary on May 21st. I’m on week 2 and did manage to lose 4 Lbs. Some kind of cardio for 30 min. 5 days/wk. and strength 3 days. Eating small, protein rich meals 6x’s per day with lots of produce and water. Now if I can just stick-with-it!! 🙂 Summer is coming!

  2. Well it certainly sound like you had your hands full with a certain Little Miss! The glasses look um, interesting now lol! Well done to your hubby on his great success with his collections.

  3. […] Ten years later I got the proposal I had always hoped for and what made it even better was that Bridget was in on it.  She even helped him pick out the ring which has little hearts on the sides hidden within the intricate design. The only problem is that it doesn’t fit on my fat finger. This would have embarrassed me beyond belief ten years ago but after being together for ten years it didn’t even matter, nothing a quick trip to the jeweler couldn’t fix. (Plus, I found it rather endearing that my family doesn’t seem to register the full capacity of my girth… #vikinggirlproblems.) […]

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