A Band of Fake Wrestlers

Good morning!


Penelope and I have been up at the crack of dawn watching Food Network and listening to the birds chirp. Penelope has figured out how to use the camera on my phone so she felt the need to record the occasion.

This week flew by so fast, I have absolutely no idea where the time went. As usual I spent my time trying to juggle all of the things on my “to do” list. This required a lot of multitasking.

Reading while eating…


Gardening and bonding…


“Is it growing yet?”

Teaching while doing grad work…


You know… the usual. In fact, you may not be aware of this but I’m actually feeding my kids breakfast and planning a lesson in my head while simultaneously writing this blog post.

All throughout the week I’ve been catching up on my Shakespeare for a unit I’m about to teach.  Bridget decided to join me so we’ve both had our noses in the Spark Notes: No Fear Shakespeare books. Penelope did not want to be left out so she decided to “read” them as well.


In fact, she won’t leave the books alone! Last night Bridget and I were watching 10 Things I Hate About You to compare it to The Taming of the Shrew but couldn’t find our copy. When I went to get Penelope out of her crib this morning I found this in her room.


I also found her standing in her crib butt naked shouting, “Lucky poops! Lucky poops!” Yeah… there was nothing “lucky” about it.

With spring in the air I have been dying to go running in the evenings but I’m still not cleared to as of yet. I had three chiropractor appointments and one massage and I feel worse for wear. All of my muscles are sore. I feel like I ran into a band of fake wrestlers in a dark ally. I just want to sort my body out so that I can get back to working out! It’s getting rather frustrating actually.

I ate healthy for the majority of the week. So much so that one of my students asked me, “Do you always eat healthy?” I was tempted to lie and say yes.  But then I didn’t want her to look at me and decide eating healthy food wasn’t worth it. So I told her the truth, “I try…”

When Friday rolled around Brent and Bridget went out to eat before going to the father daughter dance…


During the process of curling Bridget’s hair for the event Penelope pulled all of the books out of my book shelf and took off her diaper so that she could poop on the floor. While this was happening Brent was yelling up the stairs about not being able to find his dress shoes. He eventually found them on his own… but Penelope had taken out the laces.

(I think she was trying to thwart their daddy/daughter night out because she wasn’t invited.)

By the time they walked out the door I was in need of a bottle glass of wine. So, I treated myself to some junk after a week of good old fashioned clean eating. Saturday rolled around and I just kept on treating myself… so now I’m trying to get back on the wagon. I weighed myself this morning after a night of eating salt and vinegar chips to find that I weighed in at 187. This was after doing a happy dance on Thursday when I weighed 181.2… so let’s do my self-esteem a favor and call that water weight. Shall we?

K, Thanks.

As for now, I must cut this post short go take my kids out for a walk. As you can see they are getting quite antsy…


Scout is whining, Bridget is shouting over the sound of one of Penelope’s obnoxious toys in an attempt to tell me about a dream she had and Penelope is trying to edit my post.

It was nice talking to you… until next time. (If I haven’t lost my mind.)

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