The Promise of Long Nights to Come

Guess what… Summer is almost here! I know this because I felt it.

Yesterday as Brent put Penelope to bed I took advantage of my moment of freedom and went outside to sit on my back deck. I watched the sun hover over the mountains as it lingered there threatening to take its plunge into night. That’s when I felt it. The warmth of the earth mixed with the cool breeze and the sprinklers were singing me a little song… a song of long nights to come.

I had initially gone outside to indulge in a good book and a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I told myself that it was my last indulgence before my official summer shape up began. I told myself that I deserved it because it would be a great way to take time to enjoy the moment.


But then Summer spoke to me and in that moment I didn’t want to sit there and eat ice cream. Instead, I wanted to go for a barefoot bike ride in the twilight of the night.

I ran inside, threw my ice cream back into the freezer and bolted out the front door in a hurry to enjoy this perfect moment. I hopped on my bike feeling weird at how weightless it was with out a baby sitting in the seat attached to the handlebars. Yet, thrilled at the opportunity to be completely and utterly alone.


I rode as fast as I could standing up and pumping the petals just like I used to when I was a kid. The wind whipped my hair away from my face and I stifled the urge to let out a “Whoop!” of pleasure. The sweet smell of blossoming trees rushed into my face and I grinned despite the danger of getting bugs caught in my teeth. I rode on and on losing all track of time. Eventually, the daylight dwindled away as the sun finally slipped behind the mountains.


Soon, the bird’s song was replaced by the chirping of the crickets and the heat from the sun was overtaken by the cool of the night. Before I knew it, nearly an hour had passed and I was tired. I shivered as the cool air touched my sweaty skin and I finally made my long journey home.

I trudged inside passed the fridge where my ice cream sat untouched. I took a hot shower and slid under the covers determined to read my new book. The whirring of the fan mixed with the fresh air that crept through my open window and before I knew it I was lulled to sleep with the promise of the warm summer nights to come.

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