The Summer Shape Up Six Week Challenge

Can I be honest with you?

I feel like I need a good ass kicking. No… seriously, I do.

Ever since student teaching ended I’ve been left feeling a bit incomplete. (Don’t get me wrong I’m really enjoying the amount of quality time I get to spend with my family.) But I feel like something is missing. Maybe I’m coming down from that high you get when you’ve faced a challenge and came out on top. Once you’re done you’re left wondering… “Now what?”.

I’m a weirdo, aren’t I?

You don’t have to be nice and lie, it’s true.

Why do I feel this way? Am I destined to chase a never-ending list of seemingly unobtainable goals? Maybe its the chasing after dreams part that I enjoy instead of the actually getting what you want part. Whatever it is it’s bugging me…

Since we’re all being honest here can I make another confession?

I feel like I’ve done a really shitty job of living this whole healthy lifestyle thing over the past few months and I think I might feel a bit ashamed about it.  (I’m not sure, I don’t think I’ve fully processed those feelings as of yet.) To top it off, last week Brent and I celebrated my graduation grand finale style with lots of bad food and tasty drinks.


Once I finally gained the courage to step on the scale after all of the debauchery I discovered that I had gained about 8 pounds within a week. Now I feel like a lard ass. Sure, about five pounds of that was water weight because the scale went down but what the scale doesn’t show you is how flabby I’ve gotten. Seriously, where did all of this soft fluffy tissue come from?  Where did my muscles go?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to do anything drastic like join Body Haters Anonymous or anything like that.  I mean, I still work my magic… I’ve been gardening in my swimsuit all week long. You don’t get much more body confident than that, but I wasn’t out there in all of my glory because I thought I looked good. I just don’t give a shit…

Hi neighbor! Yeah, I just got a half wedgie from bending over to pull weeds and yes you just saw me pick it out with my gardening glove but that’s what you get for looking in my backyard… weirdo. How else am I supposed to get a tan? Laying out? pshhh… Hey good idea!


So, now I’m flabby and I have a red/orange sunburn tan. All I need is green hair and I will officially look like an oompa loompa.

Let’s see… what else do I need to confess?

Oh yeah, do you remember the ice cream I took a photo of in my last post bragging about how I never ate it? Well, I ate it. Not all of it, but I did polish off the last 1/3 of the container…in my jammies… while I watched five episodes of Long Island Medium.

Phew… that felt good. I feel like Chunk in the Goonies when he was confessing all of his sins to the bad guys as they threatened to put his hand in a blender.

Despite that I’ve made strides to straighten up my act lately.

I’ve started running first thing in the mornings…


I’ve tried to eat cleaner…


And I’ve resumed my favorite pastime of playing outdoors…


Not to mention gardening…


(So far I have lettuce, mesclun, potatoes, strawberries, kale (two kinds), brussels sprouts, broccoli, raspberries, red cabbage, sugar snap peas, rainbow carrots, beets, onions, chives, cilantro, parsley, tarragon and rosemary growing in my garden. )

All of this is great and all but what I’ve been trying to tell you is that I think it’s time to turn this weight loss blog into an actual weight loss blog. The kind where the blogger actually loses weight.

Therefore, I am going to issue myself a challenge. We’ll call it…

The Summer Shape Up Six Week Challenge

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m typically the type of person who likes to start challenges during the beginning of the week (preferably a Sunday or Monday). I also tend to try to issue myself challenges at the beginning of the month… neither of these things is going to happen this go around.


Because there is no use in waiting for the perfect time to challenge yourself. It’s never going to happen, all you are doing is coming up with an excuse for finding another time to challenge yourself.

That’s true, why do we do that?

Because challenges are… well, challenging.

Here are the stipulations…

  • Friday weigh-ins
  • Bi-weekly pictures and measurements
  • 100% effort

What I mean by 100% effort is that I will eat the healthiest foods I can stomach, I will drink tons of water and I will avoid processed carbs and sugars the entire time. (Not to be mistaken with eliminating all carbs… if you need clarification here is a link- How to Get Rid of Processed Carbs.) It’s that simple, there is no magic potion, pill or formula. We all know what to do. It’s just a matter of doing it.

Basically, giving 100% effort means that I can NOT make up some sort of lame excuse as to why I should be able to eat something tasty/crappy for the next 6 weeks. (Yes, this includes Mother’s Day.) I need to jump start my self-discipline… then once I’ve established my healthy habits I can go back to eating little tid bits of tasty/crappy goodness. Because lets face it, we all need a little tasty/crap sometimes.

I’m doing this because for some inexplicable reason I am in constant need of a challenge. And I’m doing this because my thighs are doing some inexplicable jiggling. It’s win-win! Plus, my neighbors will be a bit appreciative of the effort I’ve put in to ease their pain during my tanning/gardening sessions.

The challenge starts Friday, May 9th and ends Friday, June 20th, right in time for the first official day of summer. (I didn’t plan that.. but it works.)

I don’t have a specific weight loss goal in mind. I find this to be more of a hinderance than a help. If I see that I’m ahead of schedule I will slack off knowing that I can make up for it in effort later. That doesn’t really go along with my 100% rule. I’m just expecting to feel happier, healthier and firmer in my swimsuit before the first day of Summer. Who doesn’t want that???

***If you would like to join me please leave a message in the comments section and come back on Friday to check in!***


13 thoughts on “The Summer Shape Up Six Week Challenge

  1. I just started eights weeks of something similar! I’m in two weddings in July and I want to feel my best. I’ll definitely be checking back in.

  2. I’m in! I am doing something similar with the hubbie. So maybe with two challenges, I will see some success!

  3. Thanks for your honesty! I lost 100lbs over this last year. I still have 20 or so to go. I have made a lot of healthy changes in my life that I love but the last month I have been slacking, making excuses and not committing myself to the things that helped me get to this point and have gained a few back. Your post could not have come at a better time! I accept the challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Nina – I am IN. May 9th is my birthday and I look forward to my bday cake all year long so I will be one day behind, starting on the 10th. But I am tired of feeling less than great about myself. I started the year off SO strong, but the past few months have been very stressful and I totally just gave up. I am in a wedding in July and want to look my best!

  5. I am SO happy you’re back!! Congrats on your success as a student teacher! Count me in for the next 6 weeks. After about 2 months of being a total, complete slacker, I started working towards my goal again about 2 weeks ago. I feel like I am doing everything humanly possible to lose weight, get toned, feel better…But the damn scale just won’t budge! Love a good challenge so here we go! See ya next Friday! 🙂

  6. I’m in! Starting the 10th also. Now that I’ve had the baby it’s time to get back on it. I’m looking at a 62 lb overall loss, but my first goal is 11 lbs! 🙂

  7. I’m four months late but I want to join in! Your blog is AMAZING and has given me so much motivation to take charge of my goals and peace to accept my shortcomings. I love and appreciate all of your honesty; please continue to let it all hang out, girl. Here’s to a Get Fit For Fall Four (but most likely more) Week Challenge… [lifts glass from Margarita Monday to cheers new beginnings]

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